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How to Create Extra Income Source for Your Real Estate Agency

Most entrepreneurs have created immense wealth through the real estate business, while some are still skeptical. To start a real estate business, you don’t need to have much capital, but the urge to earn money through the company.

Besides just doing the real estate business, you can make an extra income by offering services related to it. You can either become a notary, a wholesaler, an agent, do affiliate marketing, and much more. This informative article will discuss some of the approved ways to earn an extra income in your real estate agency. Here are the ways. 

1.Offer Online Directories

If new on this term, online directories are lists of businesses or people’s names, together with their contacts and any other information. It is like the traditional directories but done in soft copies online. Most real estate agents have lists of businesses and people who might help their clients and online traffic.

According to these WordPress directory listing plugins, you can develop a monetized website containing these directories and earn extra money in your real estate agent business. You only need to create a website, get the plugins, and upload all the required information, which will make you earn from the traffic.

With the directories, you won’t only be helping the online traffic find locations and names of businesses, but you will be earning from the same.

2.Do Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a passion for an online business? If so, you can do affiliate marketing while in your real estate business. You don’t have to purchase the products or do the many tasks of setting up a business.

You only need to use or know the products or services and let your online traffic know about them.

Once they get interested and make sales through your links, you earn a commission on the same. However, to enjoy more profits on this venture, you need to study it, how it’s done, and get products with a ready market.

There are many brands globally looking for affiliate marketers, and if you can do it well, you might get some thousands of dollars per month on top of the income from your real estate business.

3.Become a Freelancer

Maybe you have some skills that can help other companies within or out of the real estate business? Why not put such into good use as a freelancer? Nowadays, it’s not a must to get employed by a company to offer them your services. You can work as a freelancer and offer these services as contracts or charged per hour and earn income.

Some of these freelancer jobs include graphic design, voice over jobs, excel specialists, freelance writing services, and much more. They will not take much of your time, and you can work on them when free.

With these freelance jobs, you can take jobs related to the real estate business, which will give you an advantage over other freelancers since you have the skills, experience and you are a professional in that field.

4.Real Estate Wholesaling

Not everyone is gifted with marketing skills. But if you are, why not use the skills to earn yourself some extra income? If you are good in sales and networking, you can get some profitable real estate deals and sell them to willing cash buyers who want to invest in such agreements.

You will ever find investors who want to partake in real estate deals, but they don’t know-how. You can offer yourself to find such deals and sell to them to earn some commissions. You can create contracts to work with the buyers or have your cut once a deal goes through to avoid inconveniences when demanding your share. This system can help make from $2000 to $10000 per property and other added benefits.

5.Become a Notary

Who is a notary? Notaries are people consulted to perform some legal acts in deals and signing of documents. Such include in real estates, powers of attorneys, deeds, and when conducting foreign and international businesses. Besides doing your real estate business, you can become a notary and earn some commission on this.

Although the process and signing of paperwork can get confusing, it’s easy to start on this side hustle. You can plan to sign some documents at least once a day, which will make you earn at least $50 per transaction, which translates to over $1500 per month. To have these jobs, you need to register yourself as a company, escrow office, or attorney.

As from the list above, there are many ways of making money other than running your real estate business. You only need to spare some minutes a day and end up laughing more to the bank on paydays. Ensure the hustle you chose doesn’t affect your real estate business and doesn’t contravene the set rules and regulations.

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