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How to Choose the Perfect Delivery Solution for your Business?

To all the Entrepreneurs out there, did you imagine 2021 would be the way it is? Most countries in a semi-locked down state, a huge proportion of the world still suffering, and the world still recovering from natural calamities the year 2020 brought? Nope, right?

But that is what entrepreneurs are supposed to be like. According to me, the number one skill of all successful entrepreneurs is foresight. Predicting things in advance, and directing their actions accordingly. If not, you will also be one of the ninety percent of entrepreneurs that fail to build a profit-generating business.

That is what the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, arguably one of the world’s best entrepreneurs as well, did with Amazon. Back then, when he started with Amazon, home package delivery was practically nonexistent but he made it commonplace with his brilliant business mind and foresight

Now, why is package delivery important? I don’t think this question needs any answers. So, let’s move ahead to discuss how you can choose the perfect delivery services for your business.

Here you go!

1. Technology is everything

Did I say tech is everything? Let me correct it. Appropriate use of technology can help you achieve anything. In 2021, there is no limit to technology and with optimum use, you can help your package delivery business achieve heights.

But how? Tech like, route optimization, real-time tracking, delivery management platforms, will give you more control over your business. There are barcodes, routing software, RFID, logistics services, and a lot more that can help you provide flawless service and make your business model more profitable.  

2. Provide alternatives to customers

Your customers should not be restricted to a certain option. This will make them disinterested. You need to cater to the fact that different customers have different requirements.

You can also offer multiple pricing options that vary upon size, weight, and delivery speed. After that, let the customer decide depending on their personal requirements.

3. The way of packaging

No matter what the package is, no matter where it is supposed to be shipped, the packaging should be great. Packaging makes a huge impact on your business and also ensures the security of the package – so make sure you don’t cut slack here.

4. Keeping your client engaged, and informed

The fact that big giants like Amazon and Ekart keep their clients informed about their orders with regular text messages, emails, and tracking services is not just to show concern to the clients but it is also a very good marketing tool.

Customer engagement with texts and emails reflects your concern about their package. This is a very good customer retention strategy. Also, if you want to offer premium services, also include a live chat solution for your customers. This will help them solve all their queries in real-time.  

5. Have an insurance policy covered

You must have often heard: Sometimes, unexpected things happen and you cannot do anything about it. Wrong, especially when you are in a package delivery business.

You can have an insurance policy to get you covered. Any unexpected outcome that results in product damage can be covered financially. It will also make your customers feel more secure while delivering packages of great value.  

6. Outsourcing

This point might interest most of you, so read carefully. The fact that you all aren’t solely in the package delivery business makes things a lot more complicated, and difficult for you to understand.

So, instead, you can consider outsourcing this part of your business to a contractor, for whom “delivery” is a core business activity. This will immediately reduce a lot of burden on you, leaving you with ample time to focus on your immediate efficiency gains, earning you greater flexibility, and better control.

If you are confused about contractors, you can visit Ontime Group. They are experienced, specialized, and probably the best delivery solution for your business.

All the best…

Well, Bezos predicted home deliveries were the future, and it slowly got him to the top. Now when you know about it, and if you still aren’t able to capitalize on it, you are going to lose a lot more than you can imagine. That being said, we hope the tips mentioned above help you choose the perfect delivery solution for your business. 

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