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How To Become A Better Business Leader

How To Become A Better Business Leader

To start with, it’s important to recognise that there are perhaps as many different views of leadership as there are people leading or considering leadership. Simply make an Internet search and you´ll quickly see the diversity of views. Similarly, there are many millions of different views about how to become a better leader which can be accessed online.

To become a better leader you need to understand your own view of leadership and then consider the many ‘how to’s’ related to it. Placing both these in context of your particular leadership context you then need to develop a sense of how you know you are improving, or putting it another way, how you are going to determine that you are actually getting better as a leader.

Leadership is about conquering my innate ability to be selfish and afraid, and Leadership is about people. You don’t need any title for it, and here are a couple of tips on How To Become A Better Business Leader:

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  1. Always add value to those around you. Even when you don’t get recognized for it, especially when you don’t get any recognition for it. Help the blind lady cross the road or get into the bus. Help arrange the room for the incoming meeting. Check and ensure everything is okay with your work mate who has been having trouble at work. Give of yourself while also respecting yourself.
  2. Only compete with your previous self. Only you know your journey and how far you’ve come along. No one else. See what needs improvement. Need to gain more weight? Do it. Need to take extra classes? Do it. Need to learn a new language or gain a new skill? Come up with a plan and do that.
  3. Acknowledge you know even less than what you think you know. And do something about it. Read. Network. Actually listen to people to understand and not to respond. Open up yourself to experience the world from another persons perspective.
  4. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. You don’t have to picket on the streets. Be it at work for the work mate being bullied. Or at school for the kid being picked on. Just love people.
  5. Surround yourself with the A-team. Not people with the coolest toys or the best sense of style. I’m talking about those people who expect more from you than you do from yourself. They hold you accountable. They keep you grounded. These friends are ambitious, loyal, hardworking and few; worth more than rubies. And return the favor.

These are some of the most important steps on How To Become A Better Business Leader and they are crucial for leader improvement.

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