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How Do You Know which AC System to Install for Your Office Space? A Guide to the Various Types

 A lot of commercial establishments have already chosen to install air conditioning for their spaces, and the investment has indeed paid off. With proper air conditioning, you have customers who are a lot more comfortable, and you have a workforce that can become more productive and efficient and comfortable as well.

But various aspects go into choosing an air conditioning system, especially for office spaces or commercial establishments, and you can’t just go for the first air conditioning system that’s recommended to you. So the big question is, how do you know which AC system to install for your office space? Here’s a guide to the various types.

Split types 

There are two basic split-type systems you can choose from: the single split and the multiple split. The single split type is common in smaller spaces, like restaurants and cafes, whilst the multiple split system is more ideal for bigger spaces like retail shops and larger offices. But most will consist of both outdoor and indoor components, with the single split system consisting of a single indoor component connected to an outdoor unit and the multiple split system consisting of several indoor components connected to one outdoor component. 

The beauty of such systems is that they are virtually noise-free, as the bulk of the system’s operation is outdoors, with the outdoor unit containing parts such as the compressor, condenser coil, and so on. You can also take advantage of remote control, and some systems even come with heat pump features to provide you with heating during the winter season. With split type air conditioning, you can benefit from effective climate control and timers that you can pre-program to when you want the unit to operate. 

Ceiling cassettes 

You can choose to have ceiling cassette air conditioning, also known as cartridge air conditioning. This is a more discreet system because the unit is not easily seen and is hidden within the ceiling. The only part that would be visible is the lower facing, which has a grille and louvres. Ceiling cassette units are also stronger and more efficient than split-type units because they can blow air in four directions. Ceiling cassettes can do the job of three or even four units that are wall-mounted. 

Floor-mounted units

Another type of AC system is the floor-mounted unit, and most of us are familiar with this as column units that are large and have a high capacity of up to 45,000 BTU. It’s perfect for large spaces such as waiting and reception areas and lobbies, and since these units have a high output, they produce a stronger cool airflow even if the occupants of the space are not close to it. These units should be installed by a professional commercial air conditioning company such as since they require more complex cabling and pipework between both outside and inside elements. 

Duct-mounted units

If you have a duct system in your building, you may be able to benefit from a duct-mounted unit, which is also called a central or channel air conditioner. This kind of unit is hidden within the voids of the ceiling and has the added advantage of delivering air to several rooms all at once. 

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