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Hiring International Top Talent For Your Business

When recruiting for your business, the focus should always be on finding the best individuals for the job. But top talents in any field are not always tied to a particular place or region. This is why hiring international talent makes perfect sense. Keeping a position open for people from the world over increases the chances of finding the best talents possible in the global labour market. Here are some other benefits of recruiting internationally.

  • Diversity: a diverse workspace is a creative one. With international minds working for your business, you introduce alternative thoughts and perspectives based on experiences from other business climates. This can give you an edge over competitors.
  • Reimagining product and processes: recruits from a different country can help reimagine your products and introduce a new approach to your product development processes based on how it’s done elsewhere.
  • New potential market: Looking to enter into a new international market? Then you should consider hiring talents from that country to provide market knowledge and information about competitors and customers.

Being able to find and hire the best international talent in the global job market may be the only thing standing between your company and the next level of growth you are looking to achieve. Fortunately, advancing technology and new channels of communication have made it a lot easier to connect with talents from all over the world. But how exactly do you go about it?

1. Do your research

This is perhaps the first and most important step for recruiting from an international market. Unless it is a market you are already familiar with, it is your responsibility to do your due diligence as far as research is concerned. You need to understand all the nitty-gritty of the hiring process in the market you are looking to hire from.

There are always cultural differences from one location to the other and this can be your biggest roadblock to finding the top talents in a foreign location. You need to be able to see your potential recruit through the eyes of a local if you must find the best individuals for the job.

For instance, the criteria for adjudging excellent candidates vary from one location to the other. In some countries, emphasis is placed on academic qualifications. But in other places, skill and expertise is a more efficient yardstick. You need to understand this before you enter into a new market to recruit new talent.

Researching also ensures that you position your company right. Since you are most likely not the only one trying to land international candidates in that location, an understanding of the local culture can help you position your company in a way that makes you more attractive to international candidates. All of these are things you will find out when you do your research.

2. Target emerging market

The most successful businesses are usually those that are quick to beat others to hiring from emerging international markets. There are international labour markets that are already established.

But you may not always find the talents you need there. This is why looking for emerging talents offering a new set of skills, quality education and more qualified fresh minds may help. Rather than lazily choosing from a common pool that everyone else is hiring from, it makes absolute sense to find emerging markets with higher potentials for new talents.

3. Leverage social media

Thanks to social media, finding international talent for your business has never been easier. Social media platforms offer the opportunity of borderless connections with the top talents from all over the world. There are popular platforms for international recruitments like LinkedIn and Facebook.

However, these are not the only options out there. One of the things you should do during your research is to find out the social media networks that are most widely used in the country you are targeting to recruit from and get on those.

4. Get familiar with the law

When recruiting from an international market, there are important legal nuances to consider. This is particularly necessary if you are bringing the new talents you hire into the country against working remotely. You should consult with a lawyer that is familiar with immigration laws that can provide guidance and advice to ensure that your international recruitment is compliant with all legal requirements. This depends on your location. If you are in Birmingham for instance, then hiring a lawyer that knows about Birmingham immigration services is necessary. If you are based in Canada you need to consider labour market impact assessment before hiring international employees.


Your business is likely to benefit tremendously from hiring from an international market. However, if you will get the best results, the process needs to be carefully organized and carefully executed.

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