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7 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Using Magento

There are certainly a variety of e-commerce platforms to consider when building a successful online business. However, when compared to e-commerce platforms such as WIX, Woo-commerce, Shopify, and the like, the Magento e-commerce platform is proving to have an edge. As a matter of fact, leading brands such as Samsung, Ford, Nike, Nestle Nespresso, and land rover, just to name a few, are using the Magento platform.

When it comes to usability, Magento is surprisingly easy to use for different types of businesses – from small to medium and large enterprises. Its flexibility is also a major perk that attracts most future-minded e-commerce entrepreneurs. 

Without further ado, here are seven good reasons why you should also be using Magento.

1. Open Source Platform

Yes, Magento is absolutely an open-source e-commerce platform. It is built using PHP and other open-source tools. That way, building your online store using Magento does not only offer robust online performance but also enhances security for developers as well as the store merchants. Nonetheless, Magento comes in two editions, community free (which is completely free) as well as a paid edition.

With the Magento community free Edition, you can do almost everything you would want. You just need to install the version you want, and then enhance the functionalities of your store by installing or developing the relevant features from the Magento library modules. Also, Magento is flexible enough to allow you to customize, modify, or extend the source code in case you need advanced features.

2. Easy Integration with Third-Parties

With the easiest methods, you can integrate the Magento platform with other third-party components and achieve your desired online store results. For instance, if you need a quick e-commerce integration development process with features like payment gateways, database applications, tracking, and shipping extensions, it is easily doable with Magento. Through those integrations, you can build the finest possible online store you can think about. As explained at, all you need is a Magento eCommerce expert to guide you through the complex bits of the integration process. These professionals can also lift a significant amount off your back when it comes to Magento web design and development. Moreover, the platform is integrated with helpful resources such as Google Analytics, Google Base, and Google Checkout by default.

3. High Security

Truth be told, when considering any e-commerce platform, security is priority number one. For that matter, Magento e-commerce offers top-rated online security. It has an established security center to make sure all websites on the Magento platform are under maximum safety all throughout. Also, users are constantly provided with Magento security updates, security patches, and security support. As if that isn’t enough, Magento incorporates other must-have security components from PCI compliance resources to SSL certificates, and much more.

4. Multiple Stores and Language Support

Magento allows multiple stores, languages, and currencies-all under the same installation. This is one of the reasons multinational corporations around the world choose Magento… due to its flexibility. Additionally, due to multiple stores and language support, any business can reach a vast number of potential customers around the world. The customers’ shopping experiences are significantly improved since they can shop in the language they understand.

5. High Performance

If reviews are anything to go by, Magento rarely disappoints when it comes to website performance and user experience. Through its effective processing query time and fast page speed loading, you can be sure that customers are hugely motivated to explore more content or products displayed on the website. Additionally, this also comes in handy in increasing conversion rates and reduced abandonment rates in your online business.

6. Offers Good Mobile Experience

With its responsiveness by default, the Magento e-commerce platform is proactively keeping pace with mobile-friendliness. So, all websites built on Magento can be made mobile-friendly, including online retail stores. That means web pages can be viewed nicely not only on desktops but also on smaller mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. That way, you can shop conveniently without any problem with screen responsiveness.

7. Great Analytics and Metrics

Frankly, any business owner would like to know whether their business is thriving, surviving, or dying. For that matter, the Magento e-commerce platform provides strong analytics and metrics that will show you where to make improvements as well as let you know the source of your strength. The platform is optimized to provide tons of predefined reports. For instance, you can view sales at given periods, say last week, month, years. Also, you can view who is purchasing what, and when, and so on.

As explained in this piece, there are tons of exciting features offered by Magento that help online business owners meet their customers’ needs and expectations. So, if you are resolute on building an online store, then using Magento e-commerce puts you ahead of the overwhelming online business competition.

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