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Top Ways to Sell Tickets for an Event You’re Planning

There are so many great events these days like gigs, art displays, and theater performances. If you are planning an event, you will need to have an effective sales plan for your tickets in order to cover the costs of the event and hopefully make a profit.

Making your tickets available on the right platforms so that potential attendees can access them is absolutely vital if you want to fill your event but it can be difficult to know how to reach those people.

To help everyone with an upcoming event make a success of it, here are the top ways to sell tickets for an event you’re planning.

1. Sell the Tickets on a Specialist Ticket Website

The first way you should look to sell tickets for an event is to use a specialist ticket website so that potential attendees can find them easily. The folks at explain that the majority of people will look online for tickets before they check anywhere else.

If you have your own website then you should also advertise the tickets there but get in touch with some popular ticket sites and they will sell them for a commission.

The advantage of selling tickets here is that these sites are usually 24/7 marketplaces so attendees will be able to buy them any time of the day.

The website will also take care of shipping the tickets to the customers or you can choose an option where they pick up their tickets at the event itself. If you decide on this system then make sure that you tell attendees to arrive at the venue early to pick up their tickets. 

2. Sell Tickets at Your Other Events

If you have an event coming up shortly after one you are currently holding, then you should always try and sell tickets for the next event at your current one. This is a great way to guarantee people coming because the chances are that most of your attendees are already fans so they will be excited about seeing you again.

You can sell tickets on the way out of your event so that everyone who has enjoyed this one will see them for sale and will be enticed to purchase them. Offering them at an early bird price or with a free drink can help to convince people to come again even if the next event is just in a few weeks.

3. Sell Tickets on Social Media

Social media has really become the number one platform for promotion and so it is a fantastic place to advertise and sell tickets for an event. If you are in a band or a performing arts group then make sure that you have a great Facebook page and Instagram profile so that you can always keep your fans up to date about upcoming events.

You can either sell your tickets directly on these pages or you can use platforms like Facebook Marketplace. This will enable you to target demographics in your local area who you think would be interested in coming to your event. For example, if you are in a young rock band, target 18-35-year-olds in the area where the gig is being held and you should be able to get some decent sales.

4. Sell Tickets on Online Forums

Advertising your event on online forums and groups is an ideal way to reach out to new people who may be potential attendees. If you are putting on an art show, for example, look for groups and forums online and on social media where art lovers in the local area like to chat and share ideas.

It is always worth joining these forums a few months in advance of an event so that you get to know people and don’t appear like you are only on there to sell tickets. Build friendships and connections and encourage people to spread the word about your event to their friends and family who may be interested in attending. You can even offer people a discount if they can get a few other people to attend.

Having an effective ticket sales plan is so important for ensuring a full audience for your event and guaranteeing that it is a financial success. Using The Internet and social media effectively is key these days to sell tickets and so that should always be at the forefront of your sales strategy. Follow the tips in this article and you can guarantee a great turnout whether you are putting on an art show or a rock and roll concert.

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