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Keeping Your Cool with BetterHelp When Your Business Is Expanding

By Julia Thomas

Scaling up might be one of the most exciting things that can happen in your business. It can also bring mounds of paperwork, shifting responsibilities, increasing security risks, budgeting problems, and a world of business marketing challenges.

Even though you may love how things are going, expanding your business can make you feel overstressed, overwhelmed, and out of control. One way to deal with the changes and stay on track for success is to connect with BetterHelp. 

Manage Work Stress

Work stress is nearly always a problem you need to deal with on the job. But are you really stressed when things are going well? Probably so. Things may be happening quickly, or they might not be happening as soon as you’d like. Keeping up with all your responsibilities and plans could put you in an emotional tailspin. 

BetterHelp offers hundreds of mental health advice articles, many of which relate to dealing with stress at work. These articles can give you some fantastic ideas for managing stress. You can also get information about the effects of work stress as well as tips for relieving it.

Deal with the Ups and Downs of Expansion

Going through a significant expansion can affect your moods dramatically. Something goes right, and you’re on top of the world. A deal falls through, and suddenly you’re feeling insecure, angry, or deflated. One day everything looks incredible, and the next, it feels unbearable. So, what can you do?

One idea is to stay in touch with a mental health counselor from BetterHelp. You can download the app at and use it to connect securely with a therapist via videoconferencing or text chat.

It may be that all you need to do is express your feelings to an objective person who listens nonjudgmentally. Or, you might need help sorting out your emotions and understanding why you feel the way you do. Your therapist can also give you tips for staying on an even keel while your business is changing.

Maintain a Healthy Perspective

When a business is in flux, its leaders may naturally feel extremely optimistic. Their expectations may be over the top. At times, expanding might feel like an impossible task.

At other times, you might feel like you’re about to conquer the business world. Keeping your cool, though, requires you to see your expansion from a realistic perspective. A therapist can help you learn to evaluate your expectations and temper your reactions so that you can see the actual position of your business. Through your new insights, you have the information you need, not only to maintain your emotional balance but to keep working towards your business’s success.

Make the Most Helpful Choices

If your business is growing, you probably have an incredible number of decisions to make. Making the right choices takes more than business acumen and research. It also requires you to think clearly and stay on track emotionally. So, how can counseling help with that?

 In therapy, you can talk about your choices and evaluate them according to your own standards. You can reason out how you will accomplish your goals and check your ideas to make sure they’re realistic and positive. The choices you make are always up to you; a counselor won’t tell you what to do. But they can guide you as you assess your options and make your own decisions.  

Learn Calming Techniques

Sometimes you might feel tense and full of anxiety, no matter how careful you were in planning your expansion or how smart you were about making decisions. At times like those, one of the best things you can do is use relaxation techniques to calm yourself and let go of your tension. Your BetterHelp counselor can teach you many ways to reduce anxiety and manage your emotions. 

Build Your Mental Health Support System

Right now, you’re probably spending a lot of time with business colleagues, associates, vendors, and clients. To stay grounded, though, you need to give some time to relationships that have nothing to do with work. It’s a great time to build your support system. Spend time with family. Go out with non-work friends. Jump on social media and connect with BetterHelp. The more sources of support you can access, the easier it is to navigate the changes in your life.

Get Help on the Go

If your business is taking off in a big way, you may not have the time or the patience to sit in a therapist’s office to get mental health help. Or, you might be far away from local therapists. One of the benefits of online counseling is that you can do it from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet-connected device. Going on a business trip? Too busy to leave your office? Waiting for a critical development? Your BetterHelp counselor is still available right there, where you need them. 

Building up a business takes many skills and talents. But don’t forget that good mental health can give you a greater ability to ride the wave to success. With stability, confidence, and clear thinking, you’ll have the emotional resources you need to fulfill your realistic goals. A BetterHelp counselor can help you discover all three within yourself. 

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