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The Ugly Truth About Employee Background Verification

When filling new positions, the focus is always on attracting the best candidates. However, it is important to do deeper than what the eyes can see when selecting candidates. The employment verification process is essential in the hiring process apart from appropriate academic papers and physical appearance. This helps weed out candidates who made shortcuts in their resumes to prevent business risks in the future. Luckily, you can allow a professional agency to do the verification process on your behalf to focus on other business tasks. Here is the truth to know about the whole process. 

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A criminal record doesn’t mean no hiring

In case the candidate has a criminal record, the obvious belief is that he is not qualified for the position. Well, this is true for sensitive roles where you mentioned it in the job advert that you need a candidate without a criminal record. The candidate might lie hoping that you will never find out. Therefore, the verification services can dig this out making the candidate disqualified. 

However, other positions are not so sensitive to bar candidates with a criminal record. Here, the nature of conviction matters. Driving under the influence might affect someone applying for a school bus driving position. However, the same person might qualify for positions that don’t require driving. Additionally, the candidate has a chance to challenge the results from the verification process. Allowing candidates to clarify the criminal record saves you from a lawsuit. 

Not too expensive 

Getting professional employment verification services is not an expensive investment for your company. This saves your staff from handling the process which takes time, energy, and resources. Hiring professionals prevent staff burnout giving your employees time to focus on other business tasks. Spending on professional employment verification ensures hiring the best employees. This saves your company from spending on costly public relations disasters in the future in case you end up with a dishonest employee who might commit credential fraud. 

An employee’s mistake might put your whole company in bad light leading to significant reputational damage. A professional verification process limits the chances of future

credential frauds and protects the reputation of your company. Allowing professionals with experience and expertise gives peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about future reputational damage.

Applicants are not powerless

You don’t hold all the cards during employment verification. The candidates are not powerless and employment verification can’t be carried without their permission. When the outcomes from verification recommend a no-hire decision, you have to communicate to the candidate in writing the reason for the decision. The candidate should get a copy of the report with a chance to challenge the contents. Job seekers can sue you when the verification checks are outside the law. 

Background checks are not the same

It is not true to think that the verification process is the same for every candidate. The right agency should offer appropriate information to allow you to make the right decision during the recruitment process. Each check is tailored to a candidate to enable acquisition of correct information to allow making the right hires. This requires working with a professional and experienced company that allows all requirements handled in the best way possible throughout the process. 

Lies in résumé can’t cover up information

Some candidates put lies in the resume hoping not knowing that the verification process goes beyond the resume. Only a sloppy verification agency can fail to notice the lies. However, a professional agency usually knows all the tricks applicants might use. Therefore, the company goes beyond the resume to confirm what the candidate is saying. There is no chance that someone with a criminal record is given benefit of doubt. And, candidates who lie in the resume are automatically disqualified without a chance to challenge the decision. 

Social media profiles are part of background checks

The right candidate should mind their online habits to avoid reputational damage to your brand. This means that social media profiles of candidates are included when doing a background check on candidates. Social media presence and activity can reveal details including education, criminal record, and previous employment. Any questionable behavior such as the use of profane or abusive language and posting or liking indecent videos and images obviously make the recruiter to reconsider their decision. 

Background screening involves more than references

Doing a background check is more than calling a candidate’s past employers to inquire about experience and performance. Depending on the company requirements, the background check might involve other tasks including:

  • Identity check
  • Validating work qualifications 
  • Checking pat criminal records
  • Validating academic qualifications

The bottom line

Employment verification might seem like too much work. This is where engaging a professional employment verification agency helps. You will benefit from their relevant expertise and comprehensive database ensure a smooth verification process. This will ensure that you end up with the best candidates to avoid future reputational damage. 

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