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The Difference Between Marketing and Digital Marketing – Which Is More Beneficial For Your Company?

Marketing is the process of promoting, selling, and distributing goods or services to customers. The purpose of marketing is to create a need for a product or service that isn’t there before by stimulating people into buying it. It also helps companies understand their target audience better to reach out to them more effectively. The company can present relevant information about products/services that they know will be beneficial for them.

Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Marketing is used when a company wants to tell people about its product or service but does not want to provide any information on how it can benefit the customer. Marketing focuses more on getting customers interested in a product/service by telling them what it can offer rather than providing any relevant information to convince them to buy the product.

This type of marketing is often inconvenient as customers may not be interested in purchasing a product or service if it doesn’t benefit them, and they understand that.

Digital marketing is used when companies tell people about their product/service and how it can benefit them. It also wants to track how people are using a product and what they think of it to gain more insight into their target audience.

A digital marketing agency is more focused on offering customers some value proposition while also tracking their online activities to get a better sense of who they are and what they’re interested in. This type of marketing is much more effective because it allows customers to research a product or service, understand how beneficial it can be for them, and then decide whether they would like to purchase it.

Which is the Right Approach?

Every business is different. Some may find that they would like to use both digital marketing and traditional marketing. Digital marketing is beneficial for companies because it allows them to track how customers are using their product/service and get feedback from them to understand what customers think about their business and its products/services.

However, traditional marketing is also essential as it can reach a wider audience and is more convenient for customers. Companies should consider the following when determining which is best.

Business Model

It’s essential first to identify which business model the company uses. Business models are defined as common ways of doing business that companies use to achieve their goals. Some examples are product-based, service-based, or information-based.

For instance, if a company purchases products from other companies and then sells them to customers for a profit, it uses a product-based business model. They need to focus more on traditional marketing because they will tell people about their products/services rather than providing any value propositions or tracking customer data.

However, suppose a company offers professional advice. In that case, it will likely have an information-based business model – this means that digital marketing can provide companies with essential insights to understand who their target audience is and what kind of advice they would like to receive.

Target Audience

Companies should also consider their target audience and whether digital or traditional marketing is more appropriate for them. For example, traditional marketing tends to be very effective.

Still, it’s not as good at gathering customer data that can help companies understand their customers better, so digital marketing may be a better approach if there are specific goals the company would like to achieve, such as understanding how customers are using products/services so they can improve them.

On the other hand, if a company has identified its target audience and wants to reach those people effectively, then Digital Marketing is likely the best option.

Product or Service Offered

The product/service offered is also important when determining the best approach. For example, companies selling tangible products can market them better through traditional marketing. This is because they will be more likely to focus on what the product can offer customers rather than benefit them or gather customer data.

However, companies selling intangible products such as advice may find that digital marketing offers them a better opportunity to reach their target audience effectively and understand what kind of advice they would like. In addition, these types of products often require people to do research first before making an informed decision about whether they would like to purchase them or not, which makes using digital marketing beneficial.


As stated above, every business is different and will likely use traditional and digital marketing. However, no matter what approach companies take, it’s important to note that both strategies are trying to achieve the same thing – attract customers towards their products/services at the end of the day. Digital marketing offers companies more opportunities to do this in creative ways to reach them effectively.

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