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Big Business Decisions: Do I Really Need Company Letterhead?

Big Business Decisions: Do I Really Need Company Letterhead?

Trying to decide whether you want to create a company letterhead? Read on to learn why you need it and how to create the best letterhead!

Are you part of the 32+ million businesses in the United States and are considering creating company letterhead? You might be confused about whether you need it or not or possibly wondering what to include.

Keep reading to learn why you do need it and how to create an effective design!

What Is a Letterhead?

A letterhead is the heading typically found at the top of a company’s stationary or the letter paper. Usually, the letterhead has the company’s logo, their address, contact info, and the name of the company.

It gives the company a professional and formal look whenever they send out letters. Sometimes small businesses are under the misconception that letterheads are only for large corporations. This can’t be further from the truth.

Letterheads can be useful for businesses of all sizes even if the business only has one person. It will give your business, big or small, credibility and will ensure that your business stands out whenever you mail out a letter.

Effective Company Letterhead Designs

There are several ways you can use design to make your company letterhead stand out. Besides having the typical information on your letterhead, you can also include other ways for the other party to keep in touch with you. Include things such as Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If your business is a law firm you can include a list with the names of the partners. If you have a medical business you can list the names of the doctors in the practice. Make sure that if you add extra information that you do not make the letterhead look cluttered because this will take away from your letterhead.

Take color into consideration. Sure you can go with black and white but adding color can say a lot and show that you went the extra mile by having your letterhead printed out in color vs on your office laser printer. You do not have to go overboard on your color typically adding color to the logo and maybe a simple line is good enough.

To get some inspiration you can look at some letterhead examples and use what would represent you and your brand the best.

What Can Letterheads Be Used For?

There are different circumstances you will want to mail out letters and a letterhead would make the best option. This can include using them for invoices, meeting minutes, sending any business-related information to another company, etc.

Letterheads are also considered a legal document which means you can use them in any official correspondence. This is a representation of the business as a whole.

Ready to Create Your Perfect Letterhead?

Now that you can see the value of creating a company letterhead, it is time to start designing and getting some letterhead printed for your company. Make sure to keep it true to your brand and keep it in line with your current image to not confuse potential partners or clients.

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