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Companies in America You Might Want to Consider Choosing a Linear Actuator

When you are selecting a proper actuator model for your new project, you want to have the best option. There are many factors to consider, thus, selecting the most appropriate device is complicated. You want it to work as expected and preferably it shall have a long service life. 

That is why it is recommended to purchase your items from a trustworthy linear actuators’ supplier. There, you get a professional consultation if needed. Companies that are confident in the quality of their products also will give you a guarantee on the item. All in all, you get all the security to offer you with the best buying experience.

Now let us have a look at the companies where you can buy top-quality actuators in all their variety. In addition, you get all the needed assistance when choosing an item.

Progressive Automations

This manufacturer is one of the leaders in the American market. The company has been offering top-quality cost-efficient solutions since 2008. While this company is among the youngest among the leaders, but it has gained the reputation of a trustworthy manufacturer that offers the products of premium quality. 


The offices and premises of the company are in the USA and Canada. From there, linear actuators are sold to most locations.


This manufacturer specializes in 12V and 24 V electric linear actuators. Their products are offered in all sizes. You can find on their website mini-actuators and heavy-duty actuators applied in heavy machinery and similar industries. 

The needs of all the industries are covered. If you need to choose an item for the most demanding application, most likely, you will find it in their online shop. Customizable options are available, just let them know about your requirements. Thus, if you need something special, something that is not available in other locations, you can get it here. Even though it will take some time to produce your actuator and the price will be higher, but you can be confident that the product is made with top quality.

Prices Range

The manufacturer’s focus is on the quality of the products. The cheapest actuator will cost you more than 50 USD, while the price of the most expensive one might reach up to a couple of thousands of USD. 

You can place a quote if you want to learn about the price of the selected item. While the products are not the cheapest, but their quality guarantees the top cost efficiency. With them, you can count on decades of reliable work. 


The company is a leader in the market. Their actuators work reliably for ages. The collaboration with NASA, Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar, and some other world-known brands is the best proof of the products’ quality.


Tolomatic is one of the oldest manufacturers of actuators. The company does not limit itself to the production of actuators only. They are known for such products as gearboxes, pneumatic systems, braking systems. 


Tolomatic is represented in several countries. First of all, in the USA. However, there is an office in Germany and a manufacturing facility in China. 


Tomolatic offers the widest range of actuators. Well-known are its proprietary products used in robotics for performing spot-welding works and in the food and beverage industry. Besides, you can find actuators for any needs. 


The prices are a mystery for a visitor of their website. You have two ways to learn about the pricing range for their products. You can place a quote with a description of the needed features. Another option is to get in touch with a distributor. This is rather time-demanding and not completely logical, but this is the practice that the main manufacturers have selected.


This is a company with a long and successful history. Their solutions are a perfect fit for any project that does not matter whether it is for a big company, a small business, or an individual.

Harmonic Drive

Harmonic Drive is one more true American brand. It has been present on the market for more than half of the century. 


Now, it has facilities not only in the USA but also in Japan and Germany. Though the main operational center is in the USA. German and Japanese facilities provide supplementary facilities. 


Among all the linear actuators manufacturers, Harmonic Drive offers the widest range of products. This is one of the main reasons why the company has been operational for so long.

Rotary drives, gearheads for servo motors, direct-drive motors – these examples can provide you with an idea about the range of products you can find there. The actuators produced by Harmonic Drive are distinguished by top-precision level and high force. But they are represented by 3 series only:

  • LAH, with two actuator models;
  • LA, with two actuator models;
  • LBC, with two actuator models, too. 


Harmonic Drive does not indicate any prices for their products. You can get it only if you are a distributor of the company. It is possible to check the prices in other resources. They start at 800 USD for one actuator and might reach thousands of dollars. However, we believe that the manufacturer`s prices are still lower.


Harmonic Drive is no doubt a provider that offers actuators that provide both top precision and power. Even though the number of actuator models is not high but there is no doubt that they are of premium quality.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are choosing an actuator for an enterprise or personal use, it is important to make an informed decision. Actuators` prices and thus, quality vary greatly. If you opt for a cheap option made by an unknown company the item might stop working sooner as you expect. Leave alone the fact that it might work not in the way you expect. It, in turn, might damage the entire application where the actuator is installed. 

Therefore, we recommend choosing actuators from trustworthy manufacturers that have the reputation of leaders. Then, you can expect from an actuator proper work for many years.

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