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Can Efficient PPC Management Help Your Small Business Take on Larger Brands in 2021?

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, almost every business is now reliant on the internet for revenue. Since the customers are online, it makes sense to focus the advertisement campaigns there as well. 

For small businesses, Pay Per Click (PPC) ads can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to get more customers online. In the earlier days, larger companies had an advantage over smaller firms because they could spend more on advertising. 

However, PPC ads level the field for all players since you would pay for the ads only when someone clicks on the link. That means you won’t need a huge budget to run the campaigns. Moreover, you would incur a cost only when someone clicks on the ads, which means that you can control the cost of the ads.

However, to achieve the optimum results for your business, you still need to formulate a good PPC management strategy. It will help you to set your goals, create a campaign structure, and optimize your efforts so that you can run profitable PPC ads. But before we dive into the specifics of how you can benefit from efficient PPC management in the coming year, let us first understand what it entails. 

PPC management is when you assign a team of marketing experts to oversee every aspect of running the ads. For small businesses, that usually means outsourcing the job to professional companies that offer PPC management services. These services can take care of the following aspects of PPC ad campaigns:

  • Identifying the keywords used by your target audience when using search engines.
  • Choosing the paid channels, such as Google Ads or social media platforms that can achieve the best results for your business
  • Initiating and monitoring the ongoing PPC ad campaigns to ensure maximum returns.
  • Analyzing your competition’s PPC efforts to find gaps in your business campaigns.
  • Monitoring and adjusting campaign structure based on the top-performing keywords.
  • Continuous split testing new ads and landing pages.
  • Conducting experiments across different stages of the PPC ad funnel.

Since your small business might not have the budget to employ marketing experts, it is best to hire a professional team that provides PPC management services. As we mentioned before, we are going to discuss some exceptional ways in which PPC management services can help a small business compete with a larger firm. You can click here to find out more about PPC services and how it can help you achieve a competitive edge. 

Uncover Hidden Keyword Niches

PPC management services can help you find niche keywords that remain untapped by larger companies. It allows you to target your customers specifically while lowering the Cost Per Click (CPC). For example, if your business is selling weight loss programs, generic keywords like “the best weight loss program” can cost you more than $15. 

However, if you target the medical problems related to weight loss, you can discover keywords that will cost a lot less than that. The CPC for some keywords like “weight loss for diabetics” can be as low as $2.

You would also notice that these specific keywords have a better conversion rate than the generic ones. PPC management services will find such hidden niche keywords that can lower your average CPC expenditure while increasing your conversions.

Targeting Managed Placements

Google’s display network is not the best for small businesses. While it can help with the growth of a brand, it is not always the most cost-effective way to ensure higher conversions for small companies.

Google’s support page mentions managed placements as targeting methods for business houses to choose specific locations that are part of Google Display Network. PPC management services can create banner ads with optimized texts across a selective list of managed placements that can yield better conversions per click. It will also help in reducing your average CPC. 

Choosing the Right Target Audience

Let us take the example of the weight loss program once again. It might not surprise you that women click on ads related to weight loss programs more than men do. However, when men click on such an ad, the conversion rates are much higher. 

Professional PPC management services are aware of these aspects, which helps them create ads and choose keywords to target the right audience. It also allows them to experiment with the topics that can lure the target audience to click on the PPC ads and convert through the landing page.

PPC management for small businesses cannot be a series of hacks and tricks alone but needs a strategic initiative. You will need access to the right kind of data that will help you to optimize your techniques and fetch long term results. PPC management services can provide out of the box solutions to help you achieve profitable and sustainable ads that can help your small business to compete with larger brands.

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