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The Primary Advantages of a Laser 3D Scanner to Your Business

3D laser scanners are becoming increasingly popular in various branches of businesses these days. Many companies, both large and small ones are opting for this versatile technology in order to enhance important parameters like accuracy and productivity in their day to day work.

The technology that 3D laser scanners provide is offering excellent results for manufacturing, architecture, surveying, design, engineering, and many more different purposes – it pretty much depends only on your area of application and creativity.

All of that being said, if you find anything that we have mentioned is an essential part of your business, you might want to consider a laser 3D scanner as a valuable addition. In order to find out more about them before deciding, in this article, we have listed all the primary advantages that they offer.

They enhance your phases of conceptualization

If you are someone who works in a design-based industry, you know you first have to go through the phase of conceptualization and the generation of an idea. This step can be taken on a whole new level with 3D scanning. The 3D scanners can be used for digitizing objects and then using them to enhance and interpret concept diagrams.

It’s both fast and thorough 

Unlike other measuring technologies, such as hand tools, CMM, and traditional surveying devices which only measure one data point at a time, laser 3D scanners can record thousands to tens of thousands of data points per second.

As experts on 3d laser scanning technology explain, these devices are able to measure fine details as well as to capture free-form shapes in order to quickly generate extremely accurate point clouds, even with the most complex geometries.

This kind of technology enables you to complete highly detailed scans within hours or days depending on what you are scanning, offering both speed and accuracy. 

Additionally, since it collects a great density of data, it provides you with a more thorough, detailed picture than the ones you could achieve with traditional methods.

Efficiency boost

Using a 3D laser for scanning can help you reduce the time spent on your business project exponentially. The cost savings resulting from the usage of this technology are mostly related to the fact that you need less time and labor during the design phases and measurement taking stages.

Depending on your needs, you can either invest in your own 3D scanner or work with 3D scanning firms that offer this service at reduced prices.

Safety enhancement

No matter what industry you work in, safety should be your primary concern. When it comes to laser scanners, they guarantee the utmost safety by allowing the users to make many adjustments. For example, since these scanners are portable, you can make the right changes when scanning with ease. What is even more important is that you can set the device at a distance if you are working in a toxic or dangerous topography.

You can enhance quality control 

We are all aware that the business world is very competitive. The number of similar options is quite big and the buyers will consider buying only the products they believe to have good quality. Thanks to laser 3D scanners, you can obtain the right quality products for your business.

Since the scanner examines the internal composition of an object, it can help you minimize the chance of making a mistake. 

They can help you have a better comparison

As we have mentioned before, the laser light penetrates through the inner parts and examines them better, which can also help you have a better comparison of different objects. This feature is especially helpful in manufacturing, medical and engineering firms that need very precise estimations

Better Data Acquisition

The laser can help you see all the dimensions and the structure of an object, hence giving you fast feedback on your imaging, whatever the purpose might be. Therefore, 3D scanners can help you get all the information that you need. 

Another great thing about these devices is the fact that they are based on optical technology. This basically means that the object that you are scanning does not need to be touched whatsoever, which is going to prevent the distortion of the object due to manual movement. By ensuring that all the possible manual handling mistakes are eliminated, the procedure reduces the chance that you will collect the wrong data.

In the end, it’s entirely up to you whether you are going to opt for such technology for your business. But, that being said, after reading this article, the probability is high that you have gained a lot of new knowledge regarding the benefits that such scanners offer, and that they are, without a doubt, extremely useful.

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