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4 Effective Lead Magnets You Should Use To Boost Leads

Every company converts a lead into a paying customer by helping them solve their pain points. But how does a company find its leads? There are various ways to generate leads, such as direct engagement, paid ads, referrals, etc. Lead magnets are the most effective and sustainable way to generate qualified leads. You can generate numerous high-quality lead magnets with a compelling lead gen content strategy. And a reputed content marketing agency can help you develop an intricate lead-generating content marketing plan to boost your leads. 

Lead magnets are the free resources that help your audience solve their problems in exchange for their contact information like email ID or phone numbers. People do not just give away personal information; you need to create value for your audience through lead magnets. To help create spectacular lead magnets, you can use four practical lead magnets ideas to boost your leads. 

1. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are detailed information that includes in-depth research about a particular topic or concept. Whitepapers often consider a specific problem or bottleneck in the industry, elaborates on it, and suggest possible solutions to the issues. It is an effective lead magnet for companies to project themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Whitepapers are primarily effective for B2B companies where the clients usually go through longer sales funnels. They need researched and credible information about a particular concept which can be challenging to find in the pile of data on the internet. 

Offering whitepapers can help companies to connect with decision-makers of their prospective companies. You can ask the prospects for their contact information to receive free access to the white papers. That way, they can contact the potential customer and discuss other offerings.

Whitepapers are also an effective way to establish thought leadership in the market and improve your brand authority. As B2B companies often use white papers, it’s good to have a lead gen content strategy to nurture the leads received from lead magnets and support them throughout their journey in the sales funnel.

2. On-Demand Webinar

Webinars are effective lead magnets for long-term lead generation. Webinars are live discussions and learning programs that often focus on a niche concept or problem. The webinar attendees offer their email addresses to access the live event.

If you can make the content of the webinar on-demand after the first live session, you can keep on generating qualified leads over the months and years to come. 

3. Ebooks 

Ebooks are the most used and popular lead magnets used by thousands of companies. Ebooks offer useful information usually related to a particular problem, but they are not as data-heavy as whitepapers. This is what makes them great for building a leads database.

Though enough can range up to a few hundred pages, the language approach in the ebooks is more friendly, conversational, and natural. It doesn’t contain excess technical terms like whitepapers. Hence users are more likely to offer their information for ebooks. Ebooks are not restricted to only research but can be related to entertainment, self-help, and cooking recipes and have more visual elements like pictures and infographics than whitepapers.

4. Editable Templates

One of your early exposure to editable templates must be resume templates. Editable templates are great lead magnets. You can offer your prospects free editable templates for their email address.

Many people use editable templates, and they want to save time to design and edit a specific document or file. You can create various templates related to your industry, from website templates to editable spreadsheets.  

Lead magnets have the potential to skyrocket your lead gen. Therefore make sure you create an authentic and valuable lead magnet that creates value for your prospects. They are more likely to offer their personal information in exchange for the free lead magnet.

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