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How to Repurpose one Blog Post Into 5 Pieces of Content Marketing

Do you think of blog post writing as yet another chore added to your list by your marketing strategy? Well, this is a must-read for you. Allow us to change your mind. A blog post is not yet another marketing task, it is the seed of 5 different kinds of marketing inputs. Here’s how you can wave your wand and create multi-tasking magic. One robust blog post can equal 5 pieces of killer content marketing.

Why It’s Important to Turn Your Blog Posts into 5 Pieces of Killer Content Marketing

Whether you are selling physical goods or e-books or seminars, you need to be an efficient multi-tasker. It’s important that you turn each and every one of your blog posts into effective multi-taskers. Undoubtedly, your time is your most limited resource.

In fact, I bet you’ve had a day when you’ve been staring at your laptop screen trying to think up a witty post to share on social media or a story to share in your newsletter. Using this multitasking marvel of a blog post as the basis of this other content takes the pressure off of you. Moreover, it saves your precious time and keeps you focused on other tasks necessary for you to achieve business success.

How to repurpose blog content
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Don’t delay. Read on to learn how you can save time by using this strategy to create killer content marketing and watch your website traffic take off.

Blog Post

Of course, the original post itself delivers great impact for your website and brand. Blog posts help establish your authority in your domain. It builds influence for your website/ brand and builds a loyal following. Are you a vegan cosmetic business? Spread your ideology, your love for animals and cruelty-free philosophy through your blog. Post about vegan options for everyday skin protection, such as sunscreen. This is a great way to integrate a niche product a part of everyday life.

To make this blog post worthy of the transformation into 5 pieces of killer content marketing, make sure to set high standards. It must contain the following three criteria:

  • full of data-driven information and facts;
  • written about a topic that is relevant to the current trends;
  • filled with actionable items that readers will find “doable.”

If the blog post is all potatoes and no meat, you will find it difficult to recycle the thoughts into separate pieces of content marketing. So, please spend the time crafting an epic blog post.

Guest Post Material

A blog post doesn’t have to just reside only on your blog. It can travel to other complementary domain blogs/websites as a guest post. This way you can reach out to new audiences that have interests similar or complementary to your domain. As a vegan cosmetic business, you can revamp your post on vegan sunblock options on a fitness blog. This helps you reach out to an audience interested in fitness and who may now be interested in the subject of vegan sun protection as they participate in their respective sports.

Guest posting also helps you to build the trust of an entirely new base of users. According to the content marketing expert, Matej Markovic, of Neevee, “An e-commerce site owner must build user trust before he can build sales.” In other words, you must build trust before you can build sales.

Social Media Credential Builders

Promoting your guest post and original post on social media develops credibility for your brand. When your social network likes or shares your content, you can reach out to more like-minded people and thus grow your audience base. In our example of the vegan cosmetic business, promoting your blog post or guest post on your social media accounts will achieve a higher reach for your brand.

Those among your followers may promote the whole or parts of the post. Make it easier for them to promote parts of the post, such as images or infographics. Such interesting content shared by your followers helps you reach out to their social networks in turn.

Creating interesting, shareable content is one of the easiest ways to market your business because you are turning your “followers” into your sales team. Keeping them coming back to your page and sharing content by delivering a constant flow of content can be a challenge. Therefore, it makes sense to use your blog post as a ready-made shareable social media post.

Email Marketing Campaign

Curating your own blog posts from a perspective of topical or current relevance can help you turn them into newsletter content. Written a blog post/ guest post on vegan sunscreens? Add some content about famous celebs that use vegan sunblocks and their reviews. Give credit where it is due and spin it off into a great newsletter for your subscriber base.

You can also tie-up with newsletter delivery with product sampling exercises and voila! Your blog post turns into a great introduction for your product samples.

A Great E-book

An e-book makes for an easy and great giveaway to quickly boost your subscriber base. Not only that, but publishing e-books also builds your credibility and authority in your domain of expertise. Do you know what is better than a boutique vegan cosmetic brand? A boutique vegan cosmetic brand run by a blogger and author who passionately advocates for the cause in their e-books! Publishing e-books is a great way to market your brand as well as build credibility for it. And don’t sweat about the e-book. Take all your great blog posts, give them a structure and flow and your e-book is ready!

In addition to boosting your subscriber base and becoming more credible, an e-book can become an additional revenue stream. After you’ve tested the waters with a free e-book, you might see that your expertise is in real demand. This can create a spin-off that adds dollars to your business in a way that you hadn’t considered before.


There’s truly no time like the present. Start writing that one information-filled, effective blog post today! Before you know it, it is far more rewarding in five different ways than just on its own. A blog post is like a seed starter for all your other marketing initiatives. Why wait? Write now, right now.

About the author

Deborah Tayloe is the Outreach Manager and Digital Content Writer for the e-commerce marketing firm Neevee. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and loves blogging. When she’s away from her keyboard, you’ll likely find Deborah puttering around in her garden to relax.

Article written by the guest writer Deborah Tayloe.

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