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How to Reach an International Audience with Your Blog

Nowadays, blogging is very popular as a way to spend free time and earn money. One may start running his/her blog easily and quickly. A blog is a special place where you can express all your thoughts and feelings, so that unite a particular audience for commercial purposes or just for fun. It is clear that a blog also needs promotion, as well as a site or a YouTube channel.   

Different Tips to Attract Foreigners with Your Blog

Blogging is a complex phenomenon with its own history. Nowadays, everybody may start blogging just for fun or with the aim to earn money. In addition, it is possible to create a blog devoted to some topics or issues interesting for you. It is better to dedicate one blog to one subject.

Sooner or later some serious bloggers may find that their blogs are good fields to earn money with visitors or advertisement. In this case, if you have such a blog and want to develop it further on for commercial needs, you should think about how to attract readers from abroad. Here are some tips that can help you to make your blog attractive for foreigners:

1. Think about cross-cultural competency.

The very first point for you to care is cross-cultural competency. It is almost impossible to be tolerant to different countries all over the world simultaneously, but you should think of it. Besides, it will be better to analyze the citizens of what country you want to attract and target this very audience further on. If you want to catch the readers from different countries, try to make your blog more neutral, and follow the next recommendations. 

2.Use search engine optimization.

If your blog is devoted to a particular topic or several topics, try to use search engine optimization. If you don’t have any experience with SEO, you will need a good SEO-manager who will help you with it. In general, it is necessary to analyze what search queries are popular among users who are interested in this particular topic and include these queries into the texts for your blog as keywords. In this case, your blog will be ranked by Google and other search engines as a valuable source of relevant information on a topic. The higher your blog in the search results, it will attract the more different users from all over the world.

SEO pyramid

3. Care about design.

If you want to attract the Internet audience, design and navigation of your blog or site are extremely important for this purpose. It is very challenging to attract people if the design leaves much to be desired because it is not so comfortable to spend time on such resources. Also, you should care about navigation and the quality of content. If you are very deep in one topic, the content created by you should be original and qualitative enough to attract people. The better content you have, the more readers you will attract, and not only from your country. 

4. Create versions in different languages for users from other countries.

It is crucial to compose different versions of your blog in different languages if you want to find readers in other countries. While English is considered a universal language for international communication and Spanish Lessons Online are very popular, you may compose your blog posts in these two languages by yourself. However, if you want to create a blog for Chinese people, for example, you will need a translator who will help you to compose content for China.

5.Apply social media marketing.

Don’t forget about social media networks as a way of promotion. It is necessary to use different ways to make your blog interesting for people. Thus, you cannot use search engine optimization only, and even very high-quality content is not enough without promotion in social networks. Therefore, don’t forget to promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you to promote your blog and attract different readers from different countries to it. All in all, don’t forget that people like quality content, attractive design, comfortable navigation, and the opportunity to read materials in their native languages.

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