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5 False Ideas About The Self-Storage Industry That Everyone Should Know

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Self-storage facilities have made life easier for millions. It offers space for all the extra items at home or things that are too big or heavy to store in your house. It is a safe, secure, and comfortable solution for your belongings and is one of the essential facilities in today’s world.

However, there are still doubts and discrepancies regarding its use and benefits. Many people do not feel confident in entrusting their belongings to a self-storage facility. Therefore, we have debunked all the myths and cleared all the misconceptions around self-storage units. We hope this helps.

Safety and Security

A common myth about the self-storage industry is that it only offers space with no security. However, that is not true.  All self-storage facilities come with security cameras that offer 24×7 surveillance. However, it does mean that your belongings are at the mercy of a constantly active CCTV camera.

Some guards monitor the cameras for any irregularities or break-ins. These days, storage facilities have installed security right at their gates. If you are not a staff member or have rented a storage facility, you are not permitted to enter the premises.

Apart from this, they fence their boundaries with either electrocuted wires or thorny wires to prevent anyone from jumping over the wall. Each shared room or garage has a personalized password code to lock and unlock.

Therefore, any unauthorized person can not have access to your belongings. Storage facility owners do not falter on security arrangements. Any mishap or accident will stain their reputation. So their security mechanisms are always up-to-date.

You can keep everything.

When we hear the term “storage facility,” we might presume it can store everything and anything. However, that is not true. It might surprise you, but it is the truth. You are not allowed anything harmful inside the storage facility. It includes anything that can cause damage to others’ belongings too.

For example, you cannot store a gas cylinder. There are high chances of an explosion or gas leak that can be fatal. Even after opting for a climate-controlled storage facility, such items are not allowed. Apart from this, things that can produce foul odors or toxins, like food, perishable goods, plants, insects, animals, etc., are not permitted. 

Self-storage units are expensive.

This one is the most widely held misconception about storage facilities. There are various storage facilities available in every area of the country. As a result, the price will vary according to your demands.

For example, a larger facility will cost more. If your standard cabin is climate-controlled, it will be costlier than a basic cabin. It is why top self-storage companies are more expensive.

However, if you compare the price to the convenience and service offered, it is justifiable.

Once you hand over your belongings to the storage facility, they will ensure they are safe.

Your cabins are always clean and disinfected. They remain untouched and unbothered, so you do not have to worry about any. Some of the best and largest self-storage companies in the US are Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, U-Haul, and Cube Smart. 

Climate Control Is Useless.

It is useless only if your expensive antiques and fine leather clothing are worthless. If you keep your favorite guitar, some high-quality linens, and exquisite paintings in a non-climate controlled storage unit, then we do not guarantee that you will find them the same over the next year.

In a dark and humid environment, leathers, paint, and wood items catch fungi. It is the perfect breeding ground for such organisms. These fungi dissolve the material and damaged items.

However, with a climate-controlled facility, you can regulate the temperature inside according to the climate changes and keep your belongings safe and clean. The well-regulated, climate-controlled storage unit also prevents the formation of dust and dirt. Therefore, your belongings remain safe and clean at all times.

Only for Hoarders

I blame the TV and comedy movies for portraying that storage facility is every hoarder’s solace. However, in reality, it is far from the truth. A storage facility for everyone. It is not always for storing impulsive purchases like furniture, equipment, artifacts, etc. It is to save space and better store belongings.

Many people use it to store seasonal decorations for Easter, Christmas, or even birthdays that they need once in a while. High-quality decorative lights, banners, accessories, etc., help you save money from a new purchase each time.

It is also to store seasonal items like ski boards, heavy winter jackets, and boots that occupy a lot of space in our cupboards and heaters. People might have family heirlooms that they cannot keep at home because their toddlers might tamper with them with crayons and sketch ideas, so they move to storage facilities. As a result, it is not true that storage facilities are only for hoarders.


Anything amazing comes with a lot of criticism and doubt. Therefore, it is normal for self-storage facilities to be questioned and doubted. While there are frauds and scams, the key to picking the best self-storage companies in the USA is conducting some online research.

You can look up “safest storage units near me,” on Google for the best solutions.

There are many options that include cheap storage and expensive ones too. You can pick the one that suits your budget and needs best.

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