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Moving By Yourself Vs. Hiring Movers- Which One is Better

Woman packing the stuff herself.

Are you having difficulty figuring out whether to move your belongings yourself or hire experts to help you relocate?

Well, the right answer depends upon your priorities. If you want to be in control of everything from start to finish, then perhaps, you should consider shifting your belongings by yourself.

If you, for example, organize the relocation of the office — a difficult task, but doable. So in this case, it is necessary to hire a commercial moving company. Professional movers will cope with a large amount of work, will carefully pack all your things, as well as office equipment.

However, if safety and convenience are your top priorities, then hiring local movers Germantown MD is your best bet.

On that note, let us elaborate on the pros and cons of both these conditions and help you choose the best option:

DIYing the Process

Let’s say you have decided to move everything by yourself. Therefore, you first need to hire a van or a truck along with an expert driver with goods-moving experience. So, let’s see the pros and costs of DIYing option.


  • You control everything

Managing the moving process by yourself, you fully control how to pack your belongings, load/unload them, and the truck’s size. You don’t have to worry about booking your slot with a moving company in advance.

Also, you don’t have to bear people wandering around your new home unpacking and placing your belongings by themselves.

  • You can save money

If your belongings are much less and can be accommodated in a van, you can surely opt for this option and save hundreds of dollars.


  • Injuries

Lifting heavy can be injurious, especially for your back. Since a layperson is neither trained nor has the required tools to lift heavy. Therefore, you and your friends may end up with severe dislocation injuries.

  • Plans and Techniques

Professional movers analyze the area before they start moving your belongings. They draw a clear plan regarding moving your belongings safely from point A to B so that no harm is caused to people and material in the entire process.

Hiring professional movers

Hiring professional movers will help transfer your material with utmost safety. Your belongings are properly insured and packed before starting the moving process. Let’s look at the pros and cons in this case.


  • They do the heavy lifting

You can watch out for other important tasks while professional movers do their job. Material packing, loading, unloading, and safe transit are none of your concerns now. Moreover, you also save yourself from injuries and medical bills following that.

  • You stay stress-free

The best part about hiring professional movers is getting free insurance for your goods. Thus, you will receive compensation for your damages if things go south. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about talking to a truck rental company, hiring an expert driver, and packing your material; pro movers do everything for you.


  • They are inflexible

Most moving companies follow their SOP or Standard Operating Procedure while moving your goods. There is not much you can do to change their way of operation. They are less likely to take your suggestions while loading your belongings and follow their ways.

  • You don’t know them.

Well, the truth is that you don’t know your movers in person. Therefore, it can be daunting to let them handle your precious belongings.

That is why it is best to hire movers who are licensed by the authorities.

Final Thoughts- Which one is better?

In our opinion, the pros of a professional moving company richly outweigh its cons. Movers are well-versed in the shifting process. They have the necessary tools and techniques to handle your belongings with care.

While on the other hand, moving your belongings alone can be dangerous. If your belongings are damaged in transit, there will be no insurance cover to save you.

Therefore, hire professional movers and stay away from the unnecessary stress of shifting.

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