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Small Business SEO: Resources to Improve Your Rankings

SEO ranking for small businesses can prove to be quite a maze. There are thousands of tools and tips that will claim to improve your rankings but sometimes even when you try them out, you just do not seem to get the results you want. Before you go out and spend a lot on SEO […]

How to Use Social Media for Customer Feedback

Social media has provided an essential platform for engagement. Nowadays, people like sharing their experiences on social media. That includes how they feel about a particular brand. In this era, a business needs to guard its reputation in the best way they can. But why? Because the reputation of an organization affects its performance. If […]

Reasons Why Employees Need Their Identity at Work

For some years now, there has been a severe identity crisis in various workplaces. That has led to a reduction in productivity as well as minimization of trust among employees hence setting them back when it comes to their careers. Employees are now are now stuck, confused and anxious about how to get recognized when […]

Protecting Yourself in a Cashless Society: Infographic

Computers have become an integral part of our day to day lives, especially for business owners. Access to the internet gives people in developing countries the opportunity to access global economies for the buying and selling of goods. This access, in turn, allows them access to opportunities that may not exist in their home countries. […]

How Software Systems can Help Restaurant Businesses

How software systems can help restaurant businesses Operating as a cashier at a restaurant is hard. There are so many things to keep track of, and if you’ve ever worked with operations, or ”on the field” of a restaurant, you know how stressful the management and the daily operations are. As a cashier, the job […]

6 Checklist Items when Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency

The marketing world has been flipped upside down in the wake of the rise of social media. The days of spending thousands of dollars on newspaper ads and billboards seem to be behind us as more companies turn to Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms to reach their target audiences. With this shift in marketing […]

13 Dangerous Social Media Problems You Need to Know and Avoid

Want to learn more about social media marketing problems? In just a few years, social media marketing has gone from being something that brands didn’t or shouldn’t pay attention to, to now playing a central part of most brand’s digital marketing strategy. Social media was by some people described as a fad that would soon […]

8 Thought Provoking Reasons Your Content Marketing Has Failed

You started your content marketing efforts with great hope. After all, you’ve seen other brands use it to great success. Now, there’s a problem. All the things you hoped for aren’t bearing fruit: Increased Traffic More Followers Email Subscriptions Better Social Engagement Quality Lead Generation Conversions It’s frustrating enough to tempt you back to more […]

How to Create a Social Media Marketing plan: a no-Bullshit Guide

When starting out with something new, it feels scary and intimidating. You’re eager to get to your goal, and you know that other people have done it before you. But quite quickly, questions start popping up in your head, that you, as a beginner, have no answers to. The exact same goes for social media. […]

5 Reasons to Improve Your Product Mix

Whether your business is struggling to meet goals or is performing well and ready to take it to the next level, one of the most important things for any company to do is continually expand and improve its product mix.  It’s vital to avoid letting your offerings grow stagnant and outdated, so let’s look at […]

How To Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

  Curious to know if someone blocked you on Instagram? Every now and then, you might find yourself, what you think is having been blocked by someone on Instagram. At the same time, you’ve probably found that Instagram doesn’t explicitly tells you when someone has blocked you, or even that someone has. As such, if […]

How to use Crowd-sourced Funding to Improve Your Business Finances

These days, with the arrival of digital marketing and the presence of social media, have resulted in changing the business world completely. Today business owners have a lot of new methods to help them explore wider horizons for developing their businesses. Social media has helped business owners to market their products in various ways and […]

Top 14 Böcker om Sociala Medier du Måste Läsa!

Sociala medier har exploderat i popularitet och användande under en kort tid, och man skulle kunna säga att sociala medier har revolutionerat vårt samhälle, då sociala medier påverkar våra liv och många delar inom samhället på ett så pass inflytelserikt sätt. Med den ökande användningen av sociala medier, där nu flera miljarder individer använder det, […]

Sökoptimering: Vad är Det och Hur Optimerar du För Google?

Undrar du vad sökoptimering är? Vill du lära dig hur det fungerar? Då har du kommit rätt. Vi börjar med att besvara den viktiga frågan: Vad är Sökoptimering? När du skriver ett nyckelord i sökmotorn (t.ex. Google, Yahoo och Bing) och sedan på Enter-knappen får du lång lista med sökresultat som innehåller ditt nyckelord. Vanligtvis […]

Så Ökar du Försäljning Med Sociala Medier: Sälj Mer med Sociala Medier

Vill du lära dig hur du ökar försäljning med sociala medier? Vill du lära dig hur du använder sociala medier som ett markndsföringsredskap för bättre resultat? Sociala medier har en bra marknadsföringskraft, och om de används på rätt sätt kan det leda till massor av försäljning. Men det finns en hake. Många marknadsförare använder inte […]

29 Vanliga Misstag i Sociala Medier Du Måste Undvika

Sociala medier är som en djungel där du måste titta på varje steg du tar noggrant. Vi vet alla att sociala medier kan skapa otroliga resultat för ditt företag, öka försäljning, och vara ett extremt effektivt marknadsföringsredskap, men det kräver en bra planering och genomförande. På sociala medier finns det många fällor och faror som […]

7 SEO Techniques You Can Employ in Social Media Marketing

7 SEO techniques you can employ in social media marketing When one clicks on, it is without a doubt that they want to see their site with high rankings. Today, the manner in which your brand interacts with its clients on social media platforms influences the way search engines rank your site. And as […]

What Happens When you Remove Someone on Snapchat?

Are you curious about what happens when you remove someone on Snapchat? When you remove someone on Snapchat, a lot of things happen. If you thought that all that happened was that they were removed from your friends list, think again. In this article, I’ll go through the step-by-step process of removing someone on Snapchat, […]

Reasons Why a Good Web Hosting Is Important for Your Business

A good web hosting can make all the difference between a successful and failed business. No matter how engaging or quality content you put out there, it will not matter if it does not reach your users. Website owners should focus on a good web host as well as the content they are publishing. helps […]

24 Reasons Brands Should use Social Media Marketing

Not convinced about social media yet, but want to explore the reasons brands should use social media marketing? When I planned writing this article, I came up with the idea that I would just go on and on talking about listing all the incredible statistics of social media marketing, because after all, wouldn’t that be […]

5 powerful Reasons Your E-Commerce Business Shouldn’t Ignore SEO

Is your e-commerce ignoring SEO? Want to know the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore SEO? You’ve designed an incredible e-commerce site, you offer outstanding products, and people are visiting and placing orders! You currently invest in paid traffic of various types like Pay Per Click, Pay Per View, Banner Ads, and Facebook Ads, and your […]

Choosing The Right Social Media Platforms for Marketing: How to do it

How should you be choosing social media platforms for marketing? Picking social media platforms is hard. There are several hundred out there, maybe even thousand, and as a result, the process of choosing becomes a lot more difficult. You obviously have the biggest ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, just to name a few, but […]

The Complete List Of The Most Common Social media marketing questions

Do you have some social media marketing questions? It’s safe to say that social media has completely revolutionized our society. Or at the very least, the way we communicate. In 2018, the number of social media users of social media users is projected to reach 2.62 billion. And that’s quite a lot of people, considering […]

How to Leverage Social Media Messaging Chat Apps for Marketing

Over the time, as social media has grown, and its total user count has reached more than, a lot of messaging apps have popped up. Some created by famous corporates like Facebook, others that were initially completely unknown, such as KIK. But the social landscape is quickly evolving. The messaging apps that are being used […]

Work With Us – Sponsor an Article – Veloce International

WANT TO SPONSOR AN ARTICLE? Increase your brand awareness and get backlinks and educate our readers Veloce International has a huge reader base, by sponsoring a publication you will get the opportunity to share information about your brand to our readers and increase your authority online. SPONSOR AN ARTICLE – €70 euro ($85 USD) Are you interested in Educating our entire reader […]

The Complete Guide to a Killer Social Media Branding Strategy

Want to learn how you can develop a social media branding strategy? More and more, we hear the term “branding” in the marketing landscape. Not least, we hear the term personal brand, as a result of social media, which has enabled everyone to get a voice and build an audience. Chances are, you’re here because […]

How to Make Sure Your Website is Social Media Ready

How to Make Sure Your Website is Social Media Ready If you’re doing social media marketing correctly, you’re treating your website and your social media like one, that works together in harmony, and complement each other – allowing you to generate the best possible results. Social media marketing is tremendously powerful if used in the […]

Organic SEO Vs Social Media Marketing: What do Wonders?

Organic SEO Vs Social Media Marketing: What do Wonders? Well, in this era of high-end technologies, it’s not something impractical and impossible to get lost in the cyberspace. So, if you are leading any online business or a website then it’s highly recommended to go an extra mile and ensure that your website is getting […]

15 Powerful Ways to Skyrocket Your Sales With Social Media Marketing

15 Powerful Ways to Skyrocket Your Sales With Social Media Marketing Social media has a great marketing power, and if used in the right way, it can drive you tons of sales. But that’s also the catch. Many marketers aren’t using social media in the right way, and are, therefore, not driving sales, or at […]

How to Market Your Brand in the Saturated Landscape of Social Media

How to Market Your Brand in the Saturated Landscape of Social Media When using social media for marketing, you’re essentially doing one thing: fighting to get people’s attention. This is especially true for marketers –  no matter where you’re spending your marketing efforts. If you’re buying ad space in television, you’re essentially buying people’s attention […]

9 Key Reasons to Use Twitter in Business Marketing

Why do companies use Twitter? In this article I tell you about the key advantages of using Twitter as part of your social media strategy. Using Twitter can allow you to increase your customer market, build customer loyalty, and increase sales. How? Twitter allows you: Increase your customer base and increase your sales Through Twitter […]

3 Simple Tips For Using social media marketing To Get Ahead Your Competition

Want to improve better results on social media? Are you constantly looking at your competitors and think about how you can outrun them? Social media is a tremendous marketing tool, but unless you’re using it in the right way, it won’t do any good for you. In order to achieve the incredible statistics that social […]

14 Ways to Get Started With Social Media Marketing For Your Business Today

14 Ways to Get Started With Social Media Marketing For Your Business Today In recent years, social media has become a more and more important part of businesses’ marketing strategies. From multi-billion dollar companies like Coca-Cola to small startup companies There’s no doubt that social media marketing works, and that it helps brands achieve incredible […]

67 Powerful Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

67 Powerful Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business You have probably heard how powerful and effective social media is for marketing a million times before. But why is that so? Simply saying “social media is great for marketing” doesn’t tell us a lot, right? Sure, you can take a look at 51 Powerful Social […]

Why You Don’t Need to Pay a Dollar For Social Media Marketing

Why You Don’t Need to Pay a Dollar For Social Media Marketing With social media, or any other type of marketing for that matter, the more money you invest, the better results you’ll generate? Right? Well, the most logical answer would be yes, but on second thought, you know that isn’t always the case. You […]