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Piso WiFi Pause Time, Login, Logout – Know All Features!

In the information age, Technology, Connectivity, and Network are influencing our communications. The Internet has become the powerful weapon of today’s life for communication. We can send messages, files, pictures, videos around the world in a matter of seconds. You rely on a network for online shopping, to do bank transactions etc.. Hence, a reliable internet connection is required for all purposes. Public WiFi is in demand and used by many.

What is Piso WiFi? Piso WiFi

Piso WiFi is an Internet service provider in the Philippines, who offers affordable and user-friendly WiFi services in public places was founded in 2017 and over a short period of time that rose to prominence. 

Pause time is one special feature in Piso WiFi among many functions that are attracting more users. Users have the option to access rental internet service by utilizing coins in the system. This Piso WiFi or internet service is much used by ones who cannot afford money for internet packages or want to save money on internet services.

What is Piso WiFi Pause Time?

The Pause Time feature in Piso WiFi gateway is an approach to manage internet usage and budget. In scenarios, where you need a break and don’t want Internet usage to cross the budget. Piso WiFi pause will let you use the internet till specific pause and after that Network service will get cut off. Users can take full control over the data usage and ensure their spend is worthwhile. Its popularity stems from its affordability and ease of use, requiring no technical assistance. One must purchase a subscription to gain the benefits of Piso WiFi. 

What is the purpose behind Piso Wi-Fi Pause?

The main purpose of Piso WiFi Pause serves as a mini Internet shop that offers the best network connection and allows you to use the Internet within the limits of your choice. 

Key Features of Piso WiFi

Piso WiFi pause, as the name suggests it allows to pause an internet connection. Means you will not spend your precious time using the Internet for more hours.It reminds you with an alarm that the limit is exhausted and disconnects you from the data usage. Below are the features that you can avail after subscribing to Piso WiFi pause.  

Multiple connections offer: 

Thanks to Piso WiFi Pause! It will not restrict you from connecting to only one device. Instead you have to create only one account to let your devices make 9 connections through paid services. 

Capture your interests within boundaries:

When you reach your threshold limit, Piso WiFi pause feature will automatically stop your internet access. This will not allow you to make connections for 24 hrs. This way you will be diverted from only access to the internet. 

Beneficial to travelers and hostel residents:

The service is beneficial for travelers and hostel people, as they can make use of the internet connection without suffering. Users can set a time limit for each session and make use of the amount of internet they paid for. 

Easy to use:

The login and logout process of piso WiFi is simple and after login, you need to provide the mobile number of your country and then roaming data will serve you internet services. Logout function terminates the session and forces the user to end their data usage. 

Financial Benefits:

Piso WiFi operates on a financial basis, in order to enjoy the internet services, the user has to pay the predetermined amount for the specific range of internet usage. It may be from a few minutes to hours based on the price chart set by the owner.

User Authentication:

Once after the subscription, the user will be provided with login credentials such as user name and password to get access to the internet for the purchased time duration.

What are the advantages of Piso Wifi?

Cost-Efficiency: The benefit of the piso WiFi is its pause feature. Users can save money by pausing the internet connection when on break.

Flexibility: The users get flexible timings to access their network that seems uncommon in many public WiFi services. Users are free to take breaks without worrying about exhausting their remaining time. 

User Empowerment: The users will get responsibility over their work and management over their digital activities.

Devices required for carrying Piso Wi-Fi pause

Any WiFi enabled devices such as Laptops or PC, Tablets, Mobile or Smartphone.

How Piso WiFi Works

Establishing The Network:

The Piso Wi-Fi owner configures the router with necessary settings, such as pricing charts, time limits, and login details.

User Access And Payment:

Users connect to the Piso Wi-Fi network and are directed to a login page where they input payment details for access, which may involve purchasing a unique username and password ticket.

Session Management:

Once logged in, the user’s session begins, and the timer starts counting down. They can access the internet until their purchased time runs out.

Pause Time Functionality:

If a user needs to temporarily halt their session (for instance, if they need to leave their device for a short period), they can use the Pause Time feature. This freezes the timer, ensuring they don’t lose any purchased time.

Logout And Session Termination:

When a user is finished using the internet, they can choose to log out. This terminates their session and prevents further internet access, even if they have remaining time.

Piso Wifi Pause Time App

Decide whether to utilize the official website or the Piso WiFi Pause Time app. While various apps are available on the Play Store, manually pausing is recommended for added security and no storage usage on your device. If opting for the official website, follow these steps:

  • Open your browser and search for or visit it directly at
  • Enter your login details and sign in.
  • Select “pause time” from the menu.

How to login into Piso WiFi?

Username: admin

Password: password (You can also try other default passwords if this doesn’t work.)

Before proceeding, it’s highly recommended to change your password, especially if this is your first time logging in. Leaving it as the default can pose security risks.

How to change Piso WiFi Network Password? 

Changing your password on Piso WiFi pause is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Piso WiFi pause.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Navigate to the gateway, connections, and Wi-Fi section.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your desired new password, then click “Save.”

How To Pause Time in Piso WiFi? 

Pausing time is simple with just two steps:

  • Open any browser and go to
  • Click on “pause time.”

To resume your internet connection, simply click on “resume time” whenever you want.

How to Enable Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time Features

Connect your computer to the Piso Wi-Fi router using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi.

Open a web browser and enter “” in the address bar to access the admin panel.

Logging into the Admin Panel:

Log in with the default credentials: Username: admin, Password: admin.

Configuring Pause Time Feature:

Once logged in, navigate to the Configuration tab.

Locate the Pause Time option and check the box to enable it.

Setting Pause Time Duration:

Specify the duration for pausing the internet connection in either minutes or hours.

Save the settings to activate the Pause Time feature.

Testing Pause Time Feature:

Create a test account or use a customer account to access the Pause Time button.

Enter the desired duration and click Pause to temporarily halt the internet connection.

Conclusion Piso WiFi, featuring Pause Time and Logout, offers modern pay-per-use internet access, favored by owners and users for its convenience and flexibility. Understanding its operation and benefits helps owners create reliable internet services, making Piso WiFi a valuable choice in today’s evolving digital landscape.

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