Thursday, July 18

Why Your WordPress Updates Might Not Go According To Plan

Why Your WordPress Updates Might Not Go According To Plan

If you happened to miss the recent WordPress update that requires all users to upgrade their PHPs, then don’t feel alone, as around 61.6% of publishers are now considered vulnerable. This upgrade is critical to the platform receiving updates, especially security updates. While WordPress has endeavored to contact those sites to speed up the updates, it’s still critical as site owners to check the status of your updates regularly. Not only does this affect the security plugins that you use, but it’s also important for other plugins that rely on your site’s upgrades to work effortlessly. But sometimes, things can get a bit buggy and your upgrades just don’t go according to plan.

Not All Plugins Are Equal – Why You Should Invest In Anti-Malvertising Software

Malvertising is a term that should send cold shivers down a publisher’s spine, as it can cause irreparable damage to your site’s reputation. Plugins that don’t support the basic security requirements for WordPress can often leave a backdoor open for webmasters to upload malvertising. Plugins that are particularly vulnerable to this are pop-up plug-ins. It’s important to go with a reputable brand that does regular updates, as buggy pop-ups not only have the potential to lead your site’s visitors to fake merchants, it also leaves an indelible mark on your site’s visitors, with the likelihood of them returning next to nothing.

Your Updates Rely On Good Hosting 

Performance should rank high according to JavaPipe, and when you compare the various site hosts to find your ideal fit it will have an effect on the efficacy of your updates. While there are good free hosts out there, it’s worth considering a paid host as they will have more funds to use towards securing the site and providing support for updates to your WordPress site. The ideal web host will also be able to keep up with the demands of the industry and accommodate new updates with ease, without web owners having to worry that the process will cause bottlenecking on the server. It’s important for a website to have a strong foundation, and a host serves as that foundation.

Gear Up For Changes To The Way You Work 

WordPress 5.0 is causing quite a stir for those who have become accustomed to the editor. According to WordPress, the Gutenberg editor will allow web users to breeze through their content effortlessly as this is a block-based editor. For those who aren’t yet excited, the editor comes with a toolbar in every block that means the back and forth between the preview screen and the current editor will become less intense, as all the tools are on-hand to make edits. While there are already plug-ins that afford web users this flexibility, issues often arose when the updates no longer agreed with the WordPress coding. Moving blocks around and effortless editing are things to look forward to with the new update.

WordPress updates are a critical component of keeping sites secure and performing according to the desired outcome, but not following the recommendations or being aware of the required updates could be problematic for the site.

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