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Everything you Need to Know About the Cabin Air Filter

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The modern cars have installed cabin air filters, that help prevent the entering of contaminants, into the car, so the only air that gets into your vehicle is fresh and contaminant-free. As you know, the air has lots of different contaminants, and they may affect, and so it is important to learn about this cabin air filter.

Let’s look at some important details about this filter:

Importance of the cabin air filter

There are two types of filters in the car, and one is found in the car engine, and the other one is the cabin air filter. The engine filter, has its functions different from the cabin air filters, and the uses of the cabin air filter include:

Filtering out contaminants

The air carries lots of contaminants such as dust, pollen grains, and any other harmful irritants. The cabin air filter ensures that these contaminants never get to you when in the car. During the spring, staying outside is fun, as the temperatures are warm, but there is a lot of pollen on the air.

Pollen is an allergen, and it may affect you as you drive your car, because of the allergic reaction. You need not worry about the response with a cabin air filter because the pollen cannot get to you, as it is filtered out.

The location of the cabin air filters

You may want to replace your car’s cabin filter by yourself, and you can find the filter on the glove box in some vehicles. You can easily access the filter by unfastening the glove box. However, some filters are hard to reach as they may be located under the dashboard, or under the hood.

Sometimes the filters may be expensive, so learn their location to easily replace them by yourself, helping save on some money.

When you need to replace the cabin air filters

Many people do not service their air filters because they do not deem it necessary. If you do not replace the cabin air filter, it will be clogged, and there will be reduced air supply and a bad odor in your car.

Some cars, produce a warning light to show that the air filter needs replacing, but not all vehicles have this feature. If the car does not have this feature, you can know the cabin filter needs replacing, by checking some factors such as:

  • Reduced air in the car
  • Persistent bad odor
  • Unusual whistling sound

The above characteristics show that the filter needs replacing. Still, it is recommended that you replace the cabin filter after covering 12,000-15,000 miles, or once a year, even if you do not experience the issues mentioned earlier.

Bottom Line 

Cabin air filters, help the drive be better, as you breathe fresh air as you are driving, with no need to worry about allergens. It is important to remember that you need to service your vehicle and replace the filter to achieve the best result. Find out the filter location, so you can replace it even without the need to pay for replacement services.

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