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Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards: How to Choose and Setup

Every housewife needs a minimum amount of relief work, and she cannot do without it. In addition to household appliances, ironing boards will be an important topic. As wall models become more popular, not every apartment has the dimensions to accommodate and use them. The ability to select, connect and use the right boards saves space and makes the workspace as comfortable as possible. So here, we will discuss the all-time best wall mounted ironing board from overview to setup.


Wall ironing boards are often hidden in closets to hide necessary household items nearby and to allocate space in place. Wall ironing boards are very handy for families who do not have a pantry in the apartment or who have no special purpose. Therefore, all the necessary items can be stored in one place: iron, water bottle, cleaning of iron accessories, extra handrails for the board, etc. Wall models generally do not have this advantage and can be placed anywhere in the apartment, although not comfortable for the owner.

If the ironing board is hidden in a cupboard, it is often folded down, which means the appliance is much more complicated. You can highlight the following basic elements:

  • Support
  • Folding Mechanism
  • Ironing Surface

The spacer is the part directly connected to the surface of the wall or cabinet. It is important to secure the base well so that it can easily support the ironing process and can support the weight of the plate when folded. The next important detail is the fastener, which must only be made of high quality and durable materials to extend the life of the product.


There are many options for wall mounting panels, so it is important to understand all available varieties before making the final choice.

There are such options:

  • Folding
  • Built-In Space
  • Easily Mounted

Folding is the most popular product because it has the maximum strength and stability that allows you to place the iron safely without having to worry about falling. This option can last for many years, is comfortable for the hostess, easy to use and reliable.

How to Choose:

For proper selection of an ironing board on the wall, there are a few things to consider that will help determine the quality, performance, and ease of use of the product during the evaluation process. This includes the following features.

Check the quality of the folding mechanism. This detail is basic and therefore deserves attention. If this mechanism does not appear to be of the highest quality, it is easy and difficult to distort, so it is not worth buying. The quality of the metal and the hinge system composition must be optimal as this guarantees the duration of the board work.

Check the quality of support. It is very important to install the plate support on the wall, cabinet or shelf, which can ensure the reliability of the wine cellar in the folded and functional condition. With poor support or poor quality, the card can stand out from its niche market.

The weight of the ironing board. If the weight is too large, it will be difficult for any support to support the load, and sooner or later the fixture will not be able to support it. In addition to this factor, special attention must also be paid to the thickness of the wall of the iron joint. The optimum weight of the structure and the required wall thickness allows the printed circuit to be attached and used without any risk.

Look at the accessories that are located with the card and cabinet. In addition to the box where the ironing machine is located, there may be many other things that can greatly affect the value of the item: there may be different shelves for laundry or the essentials inside, a base and a height adjustment for the vehicle. Instead of the usual cabinet doors, mirrors can be installed.

Particular attention must be paid to the Board’s stability in its posture. This is important for those who have children or pets accidentally hanging the iron, causing it to fall with unpleasant consequences. Also, the hostess herself may be accidentally burned while brushing an unstable surface.

How to Attach:

When placing the ironing board on the wall by hand, you need to know certain rules to do so. It is worth starting with what type of plate. If the plate is in a drawer, it can be fixed as a support structure should be available. It is important not to exceed one meter to remove the basket, otherwise, it will complicate the ironing process.

If you want to hang an ironing board on a wall or in a closet, the process is different. In this case, you need a container and support whose materials can vary, but in most cases a symbiotic body of steel and plastic. This tandem approach creates a reliable fastening system that allows you to quickly remove the board and place it in a working position while maintaining the highest product reliability.

Each of the above options is suitable for small apartments where there is not enough room for other home accessories. With the help of shelves and drawers, not only can the iron be concealed, but it can also be made comfortably and equipped with a rotating mechanism in all directions. It is much easier to iron sweaters and other items without lower support, so they cannot be released. Walls and integrated structures have many advantages, and this is just one drawback: the high cost of the product.

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