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Underlying Causes Of St Paul, MN Car Accidents

Minnesota Car Accidents

If you are involved in a car accident in Minnesota or any other state, all have devastating effects on the negligent drivers who caused the accident and their victims. Accidents confuse those involved and cause far too many individuals’ life-long complications from the moment they happen.

The ripple effect of car accidents causes life-long disabilities, financial ruin, and harm relationships between family and friends. Somewhere, too many negligent drivers and their careless actions turn innocent lives upside down every day on Minnesota roads.

When car accidents happen in Minnesota, all those involved usually deal with possibly weeks, months, and years of physical, emotional, and financial healing. It is your seasoned and experienced wrongful accident attorney who stands beside you, protecting and advocating your victim’s rights.

What Can Wrongful, Accident, Injury, Death Attorneys Do for Me?

This seasoned and experienced Minnesota attorney speaks for you, advocating for your rights as a victim at the hands of a negligent person’s actions. Additionally, your attorney,

  • Seeks compensation for mounting medical bills and debt
  • Assists you in wage loss
  • Seeks payment for damaged property
  • Communicates with other attorneys representing the negligent person
  • Communicates with all insurance companies
  • Interviews accident witnesses and the doctors who care for your injuries
  • Speak with law enforcement officials
  • Follows your healing progress
  • Calculate a fair and just settlement amount
  • Remove all the work and worry off your shoulders

Various Underlying Causes of St. Paul, Minnesota Car Accidents

While only approximately 20 percent of all car accidents in Minnesota are non-preventable, the other 80 percent of all accidents caused by negligent drivers need to stop. Non-preventable accidents mean that 20 percent of Minnesota accidents happen because no one could have done anything to prevent them from happening.

This other 80 percent of preventable car accidents concern our law firm. It makes no difference if these accidents are preventable or non-preventable; no one can foresee them from happening. There are, however, risk factors for every possible mishap, such as,

Drunk Driving

If you have had one drink, do not drive as you risk an accident.

Distracted Driving

If you are tired and on the brink of becoming sleepy, you must not drive until you rest for a spell. You do not get behind the wheel, or you pull your car over in a safe way and park where your car is not an attraction to other drivers, and you close your eyes and take a short nap. When you are driving, you know that your cell phone stays off, and if you must answer a call or text, you must pull your car over in a safe way and place to make or send a call or text.

Sleepy and Tired Driving

We know that there must be a victim and a negligent driver in this equation. There are various underlying causes for these 80 percent of preventable accidents. The first three causes sit at the pinnacle of all car accident causes.

  • Drunk Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Overtired Drivers

The following underlying causes of preventable car accidents include the above and more.

Hazard Road Conditions

If you have ever driven your car during a blizzard or torrential rain, you probably noticed that some vehicles you share the road with do not know the road is hazardous because these drivers do not slow down. These individuals continue to drive fast as though nothing is wrong. Speeding cars during dangerous road conditions put other drivers at risk of an accident if these cars slide into them.

Animals on the Roadway

Multiple accidents happen every year due to deer jumping onto the roads and in front of cars. Thank goodness most drivers are sensitive to the wildlife and swerve to avoid hitting any animal, from squirrels to cats and dogs to larger animals living like deer. Swerving to avoid hitting an animal is noble but can cause a car accident.

Car Defects

If you receive a recall notice on your car, get your vehicle to a certified mechanic to fix the problem. Never risk an accident and injury to you, the driver, your passengers, and others on the road. Sometimes, while driving on the road, you have a flat tire or discover you have no breaks when you need your breaks to work. Good car maintenance can help cut the number of faulty cars on the road.

Road Rage

Some drivers have personal anger issues, and there is nothing you can do about this except to abide by the driving laws of Minnesota and avoid doing anything that offsets road rage. Realize that there is nothing you can do about the behavior of other drivers. Be prepared for aggressive and reckless drivers whenever you drive on the roadways. You may recognize these drivers, so stay a clear distance and worry about your actions.

Some drivers may not display road rage; they still must get in front of your car and seem like pushing you aside gets them to where they want to be quicker. When you meet up with these reckless drivers in a hurry, get out of their way as quickly as possible and let them have their way. It is not worth a potential car accident. Perhaps law enforcement is nearby and will catch them.

Drivers Who Refuse to Adhere to Minnesota Driving Laws

There is always a hand full of drivers who believe they can run that red light or stop sign. Some drivers refuse to yield your right-of-way. Let these cars have their way. Being a responsible driver means that you must look out for yourself and those drivers who refuse to obey the laws of Minnesota.

Stop Negligent Drivers from Future Actions

Negligent drivers infringe upon your rights on the road, causing Minnesota car accidents. Please call us immediately and never allow a negligent driver to go unpunished. No actions by victims of negligent drivers enable these criminals to repeat their unlawful actions to hurt other drivers. Your call to us is free with no obligations. We will let you know if you have a winning case against negligence.

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