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Types of Teachers in Highest Demand by 2021

Are geography or Spanish teachers in demand? What about literature or physics? The situation in school education today is difficult: there is both a shortage of personnel and quite low salaries.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. The fact is that the demand, pay, and several vacancies primarily depend on the specialty of the teacher. We’ve compiled a list of teacher professions and ranked them by the number of job openings and the amount of pay.

The 5 most in-demand teaching occupations

It’s no secret that teachers are sought after more often for some subjects. If you have a teaching degree in these specialties, you definitely won’t be out of a job. Unfortunately, this also has a negative effect. Because there are so many vacancies and workers, salaries (especially in the regions) leave much to be desired.

  • Elementary classes and additional education

An elementary school teacher is a popular option. The subject specialization of the teacher is quite difficult because it is necessary to teach the kids. It is no coincidence that an elementary school teacher is trained separately. They need to know a lot. Sometimes they should help children with math and at another time provide history homework help. In addition, with this specialty you nothing prevents you to get a job and in the developmental centers, and the courses of additional education.

  • Mathematics, Algebra, and Geometry

The ranking of math teachers on the job list is quite high, with algebra and geometry coming in a respectable third place. The number of job openings is not much lower – it also stays around 3,000. In this case, tutoring will again be a great help for the job. Thanks to compulsory exams and the Unified State Examination, schoolchildren are forced to take additional mathematics classes.

  • Informatics

Another specialty is due to a large number of additional education courses. There are much fewer vacancies. But the popularity of computer science is growing every year because IT is one of the most in-demand educations in the world. Therefore, you can count on the fact that after graduating from university you will be able to choose a job to your liking from a huge number of vacancies in any city.

The 5 Highest-Paid Teaching Occupations

As you might expect, the most in-demand and the highest-paid professions are almost identical. Of course, we should also pay attention to the region. In the capital, the salaries even of teachers who are not in high demand will be higher than in the regions. Even a teacher of a rare subject (for example, psychology or astronomy) can count on a higher salary due to the lack of competition. Here are the highest-paid teacher specialties, in decreasing order of salary:

  • math, algebra, and geometry;
  • physics;
  • elementary grades. 

That said, you have to understand that teachers’ jobs are in demand differently in different regions, and salaries will vary depending on where you live. And the difference between first and fifth place is not so big. In addition, do not forget about a variety of allowances: for young teachers, a class teacher, for professional development, etc., etc.

It is no secret that now the education system is undergoing major changes. It is unknown whether the teaching profession will be in demand in the future – specialists without pedagogical education are often invited as teachers, and the experience of distance learning during the pandemic has erased some of the boundaries.

As long as there are enough vacancies for teachers of almost any subject. Even if you do not find work in schools, you can always go to work as a tutor or teacher in additional education centers. By the way, knowledge of pedagogy will also be useful in other areas, such as management and administration. Well, while in education – a clear shortage of qualified personnel, so you definitely will not be out of work.

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