Monday, March 27

Tricks to Make You Stand Out as a Photographer

As we live in a world with rapid technological advancements, everyone can own a camera with high quality. There’s no limitation on taking pictures whenever a person wants. Part of today’s generation is the use of social media in which taking good photos is involved. Capturing the moments when you travel, breathtaking sceneries and stunning photos for yourself and friends, are very satisfying when you own a camera.

Not to mention the creative angle, good exposure which is edited with your own preset. Indeed, you’ll get hundreds of likes in your social media account. When you see those photos, you would remember memories, whether good or bad. Anyone can aspire and have a dedicated heart to photography, whether for leisure or for a potential career. 

There is a number of talented photographers in the market nowadays who can capture amazing photos just like you. If you want photography as your source of income, your battle is about how to stand out in the sea of photographers. 

Let’s take some time to discuss the following factors that will help out your career.

Choose an area of expertise

Which event interests you the most when taking photos? Would it be a studio photoshoot, clothing, and accessories or when you are attending birthday parties and weddings? Those events have different client requirements and you have to gauge which one would suit you. If it’s for a wedding or parties, wildlife photography, and sports, you have to be quick and ready to capture the highlights, unlike in the studio, you can always ask your models to repeat the poses. Narrowing your focus into one aspect would be an advantage for you to concentrate on evolving your output. 

Marketing strategy

To combat the battle full of competitive and talented photographers, you have to learn how to market your work. Once you have a clear path of what expertise, use the internet to your advantage to gain potential clients. You can create your social media page for inquiries of your service and post your sample works. Alternatively, build a beautiful photography website where you can showcase your best outputs and create your impressive gallery. Also, this is where you can include your gorgeous portfolio and how to avail your service.

A professional website will help you gain the trust of your clients as it would be convenient for them to look up your credentials and check out the quality of your photos. Aside from the points mentioned above, put your work out there on a free photography website to double up your exposure in the market. The people should be aware of your work no matter which online platform they’ll use. 

Work on your customer service and people skills

Probably you’re wondering why others have returning clients and get a lot of bookings compared to you. All of you have outstanding photographs but why can’t you get sessions as much as they can? In this industry, you’ll not last if you are just armed with technical abilities but you lack people skills. Remember that you’ll be dealing with clients with different personalities. You should learn and practice excellent people skills. Make it a point to always make your client at ease before delivering your service. This way, you can get honest feedback from them either a compliment or something that you have to improve on. Demonstrate positive scripting instead of hard “No”. 


In a photography business and profession, there must be consistency. If you have already established your excellent service, make sure to have it all across to your clients. Be consistent also in your creativity and do not hesitate to have the extra mile for a perfect photo session. Images should demonstrate unity by having the same edit and preset.

When you deliver consistent results to your clients, definitely you’ll earn their trust. Make it a point to put a smile on their faces while browsing your captured photos. Remember, the big role of a photographer in the society is helping to preserve one’s memory.

Once you have achieved the points mentioned above, don’t be complacent. Continue to find ways to evolve your craft. Photographers out there are continuing to learn new tricks, adapting to new technologies so don’t let yourself settle with what you have. Continue to grow and remain competitive.

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