Friday, April 12

Traveling with Your Mod

Summer time is quickly approaching and for many that may mean vacations to exotic places.  If you are planning on flying anywhere and you vape, this article may be important to glance over.  If you are using a mod system, you should pay special attention in your travels.  The most important thing to do is research before you leave.  This will help to stop any surprises you may encounter abroad.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind while traveling with your mod.  

The first thing you will likely encounter is the airport security and check in.  When traveling with a vape, almost every airline has a rule against packing vapes in checked luggage.  This means you will have to carry your mod through security.  Most of the TSA guidelines are fine with this if you pack it properly.  This means having your vape juice like space jam juice with your other liquids in a sealed plastic bag.  You will not be able to have any containers over 3 ounces.

The largest concern after the liquid is your batteries.  Most vapes utilize lithium ion batteries to perform at peak performance.  Unfortunately, these batteries can be extremely volatile if not properly cared for.  When traveling, always have your batteries out of the mod.  Take care to wrap the ends of each battery in electrical tape and keep them separated with padding.  This will help ensure no electrical fires pop up at the most inconvenient time. 

The same goes for mechanical mods.  Mechanical mods usually do not have the fails safes their electronic counterparts have.  If your mod gets triggered in the bag, it may not have a kill switch when a puff has been going on too long.  While this may be a good thing for vaping, it could be terrible in an enclosed space.  Remember, batteries generate heat, and lithium ions batters are powerful.  They are more than enough to cause a fire if they are left on and unattended.  Always remove the batteries.

Once you get through security and onto the plane, the standard laws apply.  No vaping on the plane, boss.  The only other concern you may have after that is what the local laws look like where you are going.  Many countries have restrictions or outright bans on vaping.  Researching the local laws will help determine if you can bring your mod, and what provisions you will need.  If you cannot buy vape juice, then you will probably want to bring extra.  

Travelling with your mod does not have to be difficult.  Just like any other travel plans, you need to prepare before hand to make the process move as easily as possible.  Overall, if you put in the time to research where you are going and what to do on the plane, you will have no issues getting through security with your mod.  If you go the extra steps to ensure your equipment is stored properly, there will not be any issues on getting through the gate.

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