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How a Travel Writer Can Help Your SEO Strategy

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How a Travel Writer Can Help Your SEO Strategy

Travel and destination sites face incredible pressure to keep SEO up to date because of increased competition, unexpected changes in travel trends, and demand by travellers to have as much information as possible of the places they intend to visit. A travel content writer understands the value of selecting the right keywords and how to frame the content to attract organic traffic to your site. 

A travel writer focuses on current information

Information in the travel industry changes more frequently when compared to other sectors. For example, many destinations have recently faced natural disasters that have affected tourism. Whether it is an earthquake, hurricane, or volcanic eruption, such occurrences tip the scale of a destination from abundant tourists to a handful as soon as word gets out about the disaster. 

Travel content writers help to create informative content for travellers, especially at a time when the demand for information is at its peak. This will help you adjust your SEO strategy whenever necessary.

A travel writer understands what travellers seek

Travellers may have different interests when it comes to activities and travel destinations, but they also share similar concerns. For example, before travelling, most people want to know about security, the do’s and don’t of the various destinations, and what they should pack.

This is information that most, if not all, travellers seek as they plan their journey. A travel content uses this knowledge when coming up with keywords that will drive traffic and improve your site’s rank in search engines. 

SEO is more than just keywords

Seasoned travellers can quickly tell if the content on a travel website is based purely on targeted keywords, or if a travel writer produced the content. Most people turn to authority sites because the expertise is evident. Having a travel content writer to help with your SEO strategy is not just about the information on your website, but it is also how the way the content is written.

Most travellers are passionate about their target destinations, and they want to feel the same energy radiate from a writer. A travel writer creates this connection with readers looking for all the details they need, including images, of their next travel destination. 

Target social SEO

Besides creating content that other travellers can relate to, a travel writer can do much more for your social SEO strategy. Social media is a vital marketing tool used by most businesses. Travel is a visual topic that attracts thousands of people, including those who cannot afford to travel at the moment but can plan for it.

A vast majority of travellers engage in various social media platforms, like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Having a travel writer to manage these interactions and creating a link to your site will not just attract more visitors to your website, but it will also give you an idea of what travellers want. Remember, SEO mainly concerns the user, and social SEO helps you to remain updated on the travel trends.  

Being in a flourishing industry means you’re always under pressure to provide great authentic content. Having a professional SEO travel writer will help boost your conversion rates and maintain a high rank in Google and other top search engines. 

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