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Top SMS online services for creating fake Steam accounts

You probably have heard about free SMS services that allow users to register on social media websites and other websites, including Steam, without using any physical SIM-card. In this way, you can keep your privacy intact, avoiding tons of spam messages.

Not everyone is comfortable using real phone numbers. With this service, you will need to use neither your email nor your personal phone number for registering Seam accounts.


If you need to register on Steam without using your real phone number, you can easily do it with OnlineSIM, which uses proprietary software that mimics the work of real SIM-cards. That’s the way the online virtual sim works. You have to copy a phone number from your registered account on the OnlineSIM website and paste it to the Seam registration page.

After that, you’ll receive a text message with the verification code inside. Copy it to the Seam. And your registration is done. This service acts like SIM sms online.

The service changes its list of free phone numbers daily to keep it updated.

Privacy is its primary concern. No-one else will get access to your text messages in the account on OnlineSIM since repeated registration won’t be available.

There are two options available:

  1. Free fake numbers. You can select one of the phone numbers from the list on the website.
  2. Rent a personal phone number. This is a paid option that allows you to get a unique number and receive an unlimited number of text messages for an indefinite time.


Twilio allows its users to get a free text message via the virtual SIM SMS of the online service. People can use disposable free phone numbers to receive a verification code in a text message.

It randomly generates phone numbers. You can receive messages without a hitch.

Pinger Textfree Web

People can use TextFree to register and receive free messages. But there’s a problem. On the registration page, users have to provide a valid US postal code, but you can find it on Google Search.

After that, you will see the list of phone numbers to select from. It’s a useful resource for getting text messages online.


TextNow could be an appropriate option if you are looking for a reliable and free personal phone number for receiving confirmation codes in SMS messages only. You should register an account on the website. After that, you’ll get a unique phone number. If a problem occurs when registering, you should try to use an American VPN or a proxy for registration.

This service displays unique personal numbers from the USA.

This online service allows you to receive text messages and not use your real phone number. You have to select a number from the list on this website. The website is available for free.

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