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Top Facts About the Online Casino Industry

Both beginners and old-timers will admit that they don’t know everything about the casino industry. This article is about interesting, quirky, and little-known facts that will surprise you.

Gambling is loved by 26% of all the people in the world. A minimum of 4.2 billion individuals play casino games on an annual basis. Some of the most beloved platforms are Irish casino sites. Gambling is popular because it helps people to escape from boredom and other problems. A good gambling game is guaranteed to stimulate or excite a punter.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

Over the years, many nations have placed strict restrictions or downright banned gambling businesses. However, more and more countries have been legalizing casinos as long as they accept to operate under certain regulations. These governments only demand that casino operators should qualify for licenses that are issued by state-approved commissions.

A license allows bookmakers to advertise and provide services to residents of the approved regions. Wagering is approved in several Caribbean nations, most European Union nations, various Canadian provinces and numerous states in the US.

Some of the popular commissions are the Malta Gaming Authority, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the UK Gambling Commission.

Many gambling companies and online casinos have been strategic with how they choose their headquarters. There are many successful gambling companies that are based in tax havens that are close to their leading markets. Some of the European tax havens include Alderney, Malta and Gibraltar. Many operators also conducted their operations from Macau; an autonomous region in Asia. This Asian region was removed from the EU’s black list of tax havens in 2018.

The main advantage of working from a tax haven is that these gambling companies don’t have to pay exorbitant taxes. This means that they can increase their profits.

Some Online Gamblers Turn to Cryptocurrency

Many punters use virtual currencies to protect their identity. This helps to protect their earnings from fraudsters and shady gambling sites. Fraudsters and other online thieves normally require your personal/financial information in order to steal from you.

Bitcoins also help to stop banks from flagging payments and withdrawals from online casino sites. This might be purely based on suspicion. The popularity of bitcoins has made bookmakers add crypto as one of their payment methods. In fact, some casinos conduct all their transactions using bitcoins.

Using bitcoins protects bookmakers from any form of prosecution. However, you should remember that it’s unethical to use crypto if it’s illegal in your region.

Why is Roulette Nicknamed as the Devil’s Game?

This game received this name because all the numbers sum up to 666. Ardent bible readers will tell you that this number signifies the “mark of the beast.” This coincidence has always raised gamblers’ eyebrows but it hasn’t slowed down the popularity of roulette games.

In fact, some gamblers have tried to improve their fortunes by using a roulette 666 strategy.  This progressive strategy is characterized by low prizes and low risks. This technique is easy to play because it requires you to follow simple steps. Successful players cover one color and numerous numbers.

The games only require a small bet but this means that you’ll also get a small prize. The 666 strategy might be popular but punters can also wager using other strategies.

Many people play this game with the hope that they can defeat its dark forces or simply because they’re fascinated with its religious connection.  This fascination is portrayed through the numerous books, songs and movies that have been made about the “devil’s number.” Usually, the battle is real for some people, but it’s fun and games for others.

However, not everyone likes the idea of playing a game associated with the game. Some gamblers have even made theories that blame demons for their money loss and gambling addiction. Funny enough this hasn’t stopped these gamblers from playing roulette.

It’s important to use logic and scientifically proven facts when deciding whether you want to play roulette and other games. Pascal is the creator of the 666 formula and he based it on science and mathematics. The selection of 666 is purely coincidental. You’ll also need some luck in addition to observation-based strategies.

There are many inexperienced players who have won based on pure luck. These lucky folks didn’t even have a roulette strategy. They claim that they were fortunate because of their numbers and lucky charms. This dispels the theory that this game is possessed by the devil.

However, we don’t expect gamblers to stop calling it the “Devil’s Wheel.”

Minimum Bets are Lower Than in Land-Based Casinos

Online casinos have made it easier for punters to make more money because they have more advantages than land-based casinos. One of the major advantages is that they allow punters to place lower amounts when wagering on minimum bets. This means that punters can wager on more games as compared to land-based casinos.

For instance, you might be required to place at least $5 or $10 when wagering in a land-based blackjack game. However, it’s possible for an online casino to only charge you $1 for the same game.

The lower minimum bet reduces the punter’s average loss per hour and increases the speed of play. These two factors have contributed to a higher profitability in online casinos as compared to brick-and-mortar casinos. This is the best time to play online slots, simply because operators have increased their bonuses and reduced the minimum bet.

Predominantly Male Environments with Increasing Female Presence

Gambling is a social activity that has been dominated by men since the beginning of time. Archeologists have established that early civilizations like ancient Greece and Rome used to gamble in social places like bars. For instance, ancient Romans are known for placing bets on their favorite gladiators.

In the modern world, different aspects of gambling have been controlled by men since the 1920s. Men control day-to-day operations and executive positions in most gambling organizations. In fact, the majority of successful punters are male. However, the presence of women has increased since 2010. Women are making their mark as operational managers, business executives and pro-gamblers.

The emergence of Covid 19 forced many governments to quarantine their citizens in order to avoid exposure to the virus. This resulted in reduced popularity in brick and mortar casinos as punters moved towards online casino slots. It’s this change in customer behavior that has seen women enter into the world of gambling.

Final words

From the article above, we have learnt about little-known facts about the business of gambling. Many countries have accepted gambling as a major part of their economies. This means that gambling will continue to grow in the near future.

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