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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing an AI Advertising Company

Artificial intelligence has changed the advertising industry in many ways. It has enabled marketers to offer customized promotions to clients that bring more success and conversions. 

Many companies who want to promote their business approach take the help of advertising companies specializing in this business. But many companies don’t consider that advertising companies can be specialized in some industries and inexperienced in others. Nevertheless, here are five mistakes to avoid while choosing an AI advertising company. 

1. Not Giving Importance to Custom Algorithms 

Not all AI advertising companies offer custom algorithms in ad placement. The result is less success in targeting prospective customers. When choosing an AI advertising firm, you should look for an agency that uses custom deep learning algorithms to predict your target audience better and drive better conversions. 

Experts mention that custom AI algorithms decide who to show the advertisement at the right time. The system selects a specific type, placement, and time and uses first-party, deterministic data to tailor your advertising system to meet your business challenges. 

2. Not Understanding Audience Interest at a Granular Level

Today, most advertising agencies analyze audience segments while determining the right marketing strategies that are ineffective in achieving conversion goals. Experts mention advertising agencies need to understand audience interest at a granular level which refers to detailed data divided into its lowest level. 

Granularity is important for marketers as it distills huge chunks of marketing activities to understand smaller components. Therefore, you need to look for an AI advertising company that analyzes audience interests at a granular level and helps predict future actions. 

3. Not Getting a Plan From the Advertising Agency 

Every business and its advertising goals are different. Many companies select advertising agencies based on their past performance. They overlook the importance of getting a plan from the advertising agency. When you choose an advertising agency, you should ask for a plan with objectives, timelines, and detailed strategies on how the agency will enhance your brand value. 

Some companies may record more success by focusing on social platforms like Facebook (now Meta) and Instagram, while some may benefit from targeting Twitter or LinkedIn platforms. The advertising agency you choose should present you with a plan on how they plan to boost conversions. 

4. Discussing Only with 23 Agencies

One of the mistakes people make while choosing the advertising agency for their business is limiting their discussions with only 2–3 agencies. Experts mention you should talk to 3–5 agencies before deciding. In addition, you should not rely on recommendations alone but look at different perspectives when choosing an advertising agency. 

Don’t think the most expensive agency is the best for your business. Similarly, the cheapest agency might not be the best either. You need to focus on industry expertise, experience, professionalism, innovative strategies, and customized services when choosing an agency. 

5. Not Asking Specific Questions

Interviewing is a crucial aspect when choosing an advertising agency. Asking questions is the best way to gather information about the advertising agency. You need to ask specific questions to the agency:

  • What are your strategies for the short-term and long-term?
  • What channels will you target, and what will each campaign’s objectives be?
  • What is your SEO strategy?
  • What about PPC?
  • Have you worked with clients from a specific industry?
  • What did you do for them, and did it work?

You should ask these questions in face-to-face meetings and avoid asking them over the phone.

These are five mistakes to avoid while choosing an artificial intelligence advertising company. 

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