Thursday, April 25

Top 7 Online Game Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Evolution is the name of the game in the gaming industry. There is constant reinvention and various trends and technologies fade in and out so quickly that it’s not easy to say what will last. Here are a few trends that gamers should be on the lookout for 2021 and beyond.

Gaming across platforms

In an industry with fierce competition, the best way for game developers to expand their audience is to develop gaming titles that can run on multiple devices. With that, gamers may not care less about what devices they play on and more about with whom they play.

The same is the case with Slot games online. These platforms allow users to play their favorite gaming titles on multiple devices. Users can gamble from any device and compete across platforms.

Since Internet connectivity is not an issue, gamers don’t have to play their favorite titles only through their gaming devices. Soon, Xbox players will be able to compete fairly with PS4 players, the way Android and iOS users gamble on online casinos.

All inclusive games

Multiple studies have found that gamers want developers to create games that are inclusive of all audiences, regardless of gender, ethnicities, or social capacities. If such preferences do make it to the gaming platforms, the future of gaming will be all-inclusive wherein users will be able to connect to others on a personal level.

Developers have come up with titles that can be played by both hearing-and visually-impaired gamers. Even though some of these changes won’t be implemented overnight, the future does look bright.

Immersive casino games

Casino games do not revolve around fruit slots alone. Nowadays, developers are looking to make gaming titles more immersive. Be it the introduction of live dealer games, virtual reality slots, or 3D gaming titles, when one is immersed in a gaming environment, the world ceases to exist.

Cloud-based gaming

Perhaps the most promising of all trends is cloud-based gaming. Various prominent contenders are looking to develop games through the cloud. Google and Microsoft are amongst the major brands that one could expect cloud-based gaming from in the near future.

Mobile gaming on 5G

5G is a sure reality the benefits of which will be made available to everyone before long. It promises speeds that are ten times faster than that of 4G. What this means is that it could handle games and provide the possibility of streaming online games straight to one’s mobile.

Influence of Big Data on games

With billions of gamers playing online games on a regular basis, the influence of big data is sure to be felt. With huge amounts of data being generated, the future of gaming will surely be shaped by Big Data. It not only researches elements that are popular but also keeps at bay elements that are unpopular.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality is coming to life thanks to reliable hardware. Even though it still remains a niche, it is expected to rise exponentially every year. Sure, the equipment necessary to introduce the technology to the common user may be expensive, as time passes and the technology develops, the prices are going to get more affordable.

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