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The Evolution of Firesticks

Amazon is one of the most successful e-commerce stores out there. It has been progressing at a rapid pace throughout these years. You will find innumerable products on Amazon that might be beneficial for you. 

Firesticks is one of the products that have been very popular lately. It is a digital media player that delivers digital audio and video content that can be streamed through the Internet. It also enables you to play video games. 

There have been different generations of Fire TV that can be chosen from. Here is how the evolution of Firesticks took place:

First generation

The first Fire TV was one of the best streaming devices in the market. When it was released, it had been rated as one of the most interesting devices by the customers. The sales soared pretty much high. It featured HDMI audio. According to the reports of Amazon, the sales of first-generation had been competitive enough to match Roku and Apple TV.

With an internal storage of 8 GB and 2 GB RAM, this was one of the best models out there. Even though this device did not intend to compete with the gaming consoles back then, it had the ability to do so. It had its own dedicated controller accessory. Perhaps, the first generation of Fire TV and Firesticks was one of the best things of the time. 

Second generation

Codenamed as Sloane, the second generation of Fire TV and Firestick was absolutely amazing. In late 2015, this model featured 4k resolution support for the very first time. This made it an ideal purchase for those enthusiasts who liked to enjoy the shows with good quality video. It also improved processor performance. There were several wireless hardware upgrades as well including the incorporation of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a dual-band. Even though this model was pretty much successful in terms of sales, customers rated the first generation as a better model of its time. There has been a debate about which model had more utility but the choice still remains to the customers

Third generation

This model was released in 2017 being diamond-shaped. It features a slower processor but the RAM specifications are increased. It even supports 4k resolution streaming. In favor of the current model, the production then discontinued in 2018. 

Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick is the smallest version of Fire TV. The dongle can be plugged into the HDMI port. Given the portability, the functionality of larger TV is maintained. The hardware specifications are a bit different from internal storage. There is a remote control as well. The Fire Stick TV itself has been categorized into different generations. There are currently three models named – first generation, second generation, and Fire TV Stick 4k.  There is a website called Firesticktricks where you can get a definite guide on the same.

The bottom line

Above is described the evolution of Fire TV and Firesticks. If you want to purchase this device, then you should go through the different specifications and features that are available to make a well-informed decision. 

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