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Should I Pay For Social Media Advertising?

Should I Pay For Social Media Advertising?

The question “Should I Pay For Social Media Advertising?” is often asked by startups or already existing companies that realize that social media seems to be the new thing. And it is hard to deny that social media has lots of perks for businesses looking to advertise themselves. The answer seems to be yes, no matter who you ask that question to. However, there are some things to consider in order to run a successful payed social media campaign.  In this article, we´ll teach you all about it.

  • Test your idea: Funnel users to a landing page via social media ads. Use interesting content like video, questionnaires etc. to get customer feedback and the all important email;
  • Building your social media network: Create great content e.g. blog posts) and boost posts across social media to build your social network;
  • Sourcing Leads: Source leads for the top of your funnel by offering a lead magnet like an eBook, tool, template or content piece. Have a landing page, with a call-to-action. Use conversion track to build audience profiles; and,
  • Retarget: Use custom audiences (i.e. Facebook) to re-target audiences with new content etc.

Each of these represents a different purpose. The key is to offer real value. Don’t bother just advertising for a user to come to your homepage. Instead, offer them content and use that to transition them to a free trial or special sign-up deal on a product purchase.

In the initial phase, startups are bound to have too much of financial outflow rather than inflow. At this point of time investing in social media advertising will just add-on to the burden with nothing to deliver.

But once there is a steady inflow of income and a set of transacting clients in place, investing in SEO and social media advertising makes sense and will deliver favorable results. Also, an investor must keep in mind that SEO will start showing results only over a period of time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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The second most critical thing is to decide where and how much a startup should invest on social media advertising. This can be analyzed by understanding the nature of your business and the target market for your product or service. Say for example, if you business is an iPhone app development company and it relies on the traffic from the internet, it definitely makes sense to invest in services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital Marketing, and social media advertising. While on the other hand, if your business targets the FMCG sector which relies on traffic from the general public, advertising on media channels like television, radio, etc would give positive results.

Hopefully you´ve gotten the answers you were looking for and can decide from here if paid social media advertising is for you.

Thank you for reading “Should I Pay For Social Media Advertising?” and don´t hesitate to comment below if you have any further questions.

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