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Revealed – the craziest casino stories

Since the first casino opened in 1638, the establishments have continued to grow in popularity, creating history and bearing witness to some incredible tales. If you’ve ever wondered just what exactly goes on inside the grand buildings, hidden beneath the glitz and glam, then you’ve come to the right place – we’re about to reveal some of the craziest casino stories.

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The casino is probably haunted

Whether you’re playing on the slot machines or standing at a table, you might want to get the spirits on your side to see if they can help sway the fortune in your favour. For example, the Luxor casino – despite being the third biggest pyramid structure in the world, with only two of the Pyramids of Giza being larger than the monument – is said to be the most haunted hotel and casino in Las Vegas. 

Ashley Revell

Ashely Revell was just your average gambler from Kent, UK, before he made history at the Roulette table. Back in 2004, he sold everything he owned, apart from the clothes on his back, and exchanged the $135,000 into chips. He bet every penny on one single spin, and went into the game with no idea where he’d place his wager. He eventually pushed his chips to red, and as the wheel came to a halt in red pocket number seven, Revell had managed to double his winnings, walking away with $270.600! 

It’s just typical

Have you ever tried to convince someone just how great something is, but when you do, it just doesn’t work? Well, that’s exactly what happened to two British lads; Josh and Nick. Josh is an online gambling expert, who knows where to find all the best casino promotions online, but Nick turns his nose up at the thought.

He much prefers land-based casinos. In 2017, whilst Josh was trying to convince Nick to check out the bonuses, he lost around £500, and then gave up. For some reason, this spoke to Nick’s competitive streak, who was spurred on to give it a go and start playing online. A mere few hours after creating his first-ever account, Nick bagged winnings of $7000. Typical, right? 

FedEx was saved by Blackjack

Popular delivery company, FedEx, only exists today because of the game of Blackjack. After worrying that the company might have to go into liquidation when it was down to its last $5,000 and had racked up a debt of fuel, the owner Fred Smith, took every last penny to Las Vegas. A week later, he returned to the company after having turned $5k into $26k – enough to keep the company running. Now, Fred Smith is worth an estimated $4.3 billion dollars, so he can thank Blackjack for giving FedEx its new lease of life. 

A hole in one

One of the many celebrities spotted playing at a casino is golfing star Tiger Woods. Woods is often seen in the exclusive high roller mansion club at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where he frequently plays Blackjack, wagering averagely $25,000 a hand! The casino has even set him a betting limit of $1 million, as they worry that he might win too much!

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