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New to Online Investment? See these 5 Online Investment Sources!

Are you a beginner in Investment and looking for some superb online investing sources, you have hit the right place. Investments are very much essential with your daily jobs for better financial security in the future.

Nowadays, there are multiple online investment opportunities available for all types of investors. Whether you are the one having a high budget investment fund or have low investment budget, these online investment platforms cater to the requirements for all. To help you start with, here are the 5 best online investments ideas for profitable returns.

1.Crowdfunding sites

Crowdfunding sites let you invest in businesses, real estates, and also find you investor for the startup projects. Crowdestor is one of the best crowdfunding sites to start with. It starts with the lowest investment value of just 50 Euros catering to the requirement for all kinds of investors.


The site lets you select investment plans based on your deposit. And the best part is even if the project funding is not that successful, you will still benefit from the interest rate before the deadline expires. Another best platform is Fundrise with a minimum deposit balance of $500.

2.P2P lending

Peer to Peer lending brings together investors and borrowers without any centralized financial authority in between. Here you deposit your investment amount, select the loan pan and the site assigns your borrower to take your investment amount as a loan.

Once they take it, you continue to receive interest based on different online platforms on your invested amount until the payback period. As a result, you withdraw more amount than you invested. ‘Fast Invest’ and ‘Grupeer’ are the best P2P platforms. While the former offers you interest between 9 to 16 %, the latter offers up to 13.50%.


Roboadvisor is a good investment choice as a beginner. It is an automated investment platform that collects your financial details, risk tolerance, and investment goals through a survey and based on that selects investment for maximum profits.

If you have low investment budget, Roboadvisors are great as the fees are low. The best roboadvisor platform is ‘Betterment’. It allows you to start investments with just $100 in the normal plan with 0.25% annual fee. If you have a large investment budget, subscribe to the premium plan where the minimum deposit balance is $100,000 with a 0.40% annual fee.

4.Exchange Traded Funds

Also known by the name of ETFs, these are a collection of liquid financial instruments like- Stocks, Bonds, commodities, etc. It helps in diversifying your investment portfolio as you get to invest in different financial instruments and make vivid profits from them.

The Stocks ETFs allow you to invest in company stocks and earn profits from dividends; while the Bond ETFs allow you to invest in government, corporate, state and local bonds and earn profits based on the interest rate. You can invest in ETF shares online and the brokerage fee is also low. Some of the online ETFs are- ‘Robinhood’; ‘Motif’; ‘Ally Invest’; ‘Wealthfront’, etc.

5.Online Business

Blogging is one of the best online businesses with lower investment and maximum profits. There are various online platforms to create blogs or you can also use WordPress to create it. Next, purchase the Domain to set up your blog on the web. You also need to invest in SEO process to let your blog have the highest rank in Google search engines.


The main focus here is you need to create interesting and engaging topics for the users. You can choose from different niches or the currently trending ones. In order to gain profits from the blogs, you need to have a good reader base which you can achieve through quality contents and good SEO measures.

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