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Movies vs TV Series: Which is better?

We all seek good entertainment to ease our minds and relax after undergoing hectic routines. When it comes to movies or TV series, there is a close competition. It is indeed a tough verdict to make since both have their unique essence.

However, there is no denying the fact that in this digital era, people are more inclined towards their smartphones. So watching TV on the go is what we all want. If people are not texting or calling, they are watching their favorite TV show or movie.

The inclination towards TV or movie also depends on the provider or package you have chosen. With providers like Cox cable, there is so much in store for you.

You can choose from the vast channel lineups and pick a package or bundle offer that fits your choice and budget. Television has gained widespread popularity for its long-form shows that do not fail to gain the attention of the viewers. However, movies still have a central place when it comes to entertainment. Thus, it is very difficult to decide as to which is better – TV series or movies. However, let us have a closer look to find out.


More Intense

In times when we feel lonely or blue, movies seem to be our best friend. They are mood changers and mind relaxants. There has been so much advancement in the movie industry from 3D films to action movies, adventure movies and so much more. We have seen Hollywood grow enormously over the years.

There is no denying the fact that movies keep your attention intact and are intense in their storyline and climax. This is why people do not mind spending money on movie tickets in cinemas because they know the experience of watching a film on the big screen is worth it.

Easy Access

You can watch movies anytime you want. On the contrary, we often have to wait for TV shows, since they are aired at a particular time and on a set day. Whereas, movies don’t keep us waiting for another episode. You can watch them in one go. 

Better Understanding

When compared to TV shows, movies may be easier to understand and more thought-provoking. Some movies often come with a strong message that builds a new perspective or adds to our knowledge. You have to sit for two hours and you get up with a complete understanding and conclusion while watching a movie.

TV Series

More Versatility

When it comes to TV shows, they have a higher surprise element and versatile story turns. While one episode can make you laugh, the other episode can make you weep.

So, TV shows with their long story forms are packed with different flavors of entertainment, from comedy to thriller or tragedy that keep you glued to your TV screens.

Better Acting Ground

It will not be wrong to say that we have seen exceptional performances on TV screens that have set the bar high. We often see film actors returning to the small screens too.

TV is also the hub of future movie stars. This is because some of the finest actors start their journey on smaller screens, proving their acting skills and mesmerizing the crowd. 

TV made Netflix a Hit

We see the changing trends where more and more people subscribe to Netflix and other streaming services with cord cutting on the rise. People are hooked to Netflix more for its breathtaking TV shows lined up for them rather than movies. The outstanding TV series have made Netflix what it is today since people love binge-watching seasons. 

Greater Variety of TV shows

Nowadays, with a plethora of channels and networks, there are always newer and better TV shows being aired. Thus, there is room for a bigger variety. At times, it may also get confusing to decide which show to watch.

However, the never-ending variety of TV shows do allow you to watch your favorite kind of entertainment to suit every mood. The TV industry is expanding further, which has resulted in new TV genres being aired today.

Wrapping Up

Deciding which is better – TV series or movies – is a tough choice to make, since both are fun in their way. Going out for movies is always entertaining while watching your favorite TV show at home is also something that excites us.

When it comes to the variety of shows, better acting talent, and versatility, TV shows are a win-win as a constant source of never-ending entertainment. With higher levels of creativity and bigger audience size, TV shows these days offer quality time and are more addictive.

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