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Marketing Through The Video Games Market Will Be The Next Big Thing

Marketing Through The Video Games Market Will Be The Next Big Thing

Social media has always been the king of modern digital marketing, but the mediums through which this is achieved are constantly shifting. Most recently, streaming has come to the fore as a premier marketing tool; in October, the biggest marketers of all – presidential campaigns – found their way online in the form of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. While streaming has been home to gamers and their related markets for years, the move to advertise through Twitch from a diverse range of sources indicates a shift in trends that will help marketers to see where they can make inroads with the online consumer market.

Deep transformation potential

Gaming has, in the past, been perceived as a closed club. ‘Geek’ culture can be relatively inaccessible to outsiders, and the cost of gaming can also be prohibitive, with an up-to-date PC or console costing hundreds of dollars (before the price of games). As a result, advertising outside of the gamer audience is often a wasted exercise.

However, streaming has brought with it the prospect of game streaming, which has the potential be hugely disruptive for major market players, according to industry analyst Joshua Baker. This is exemplified by services like Google Stadia and Amazon’s nascent streaming venture, reported by Consultancy.org as the next big thing at only a fraction of cost to customers. Video gaming is already becoming more widespread across a number of markets, and deftly interpreting trends within the newly-accessible forum will provide huge new audiences for product advertising.

Insights into consumers

The move towards favoring video game streaming also offers a window into the perceptions of modern consumers and an opportunity for marketers to adapt. This has already been seen in the manner in which HBO have released new content on their Max streaming service; moving away from the binge-release, their marketing efforts have indicated that consumers are passionate about the weekly event that programming of old operated by. Video game streaming has shown marketers that modern consumers are content to show loyalty to a show or service in pursuit of getting new content, and advertising campaigns can be tailored to match.

Restoring trust

The privacy scares that hit Facebook and related service, Instagram, have had a lasting impact on consumers. Influencers are starting to receive an increasing level of scrutiny as to their activities and whether their activities are genuine. With trust high on the mind of consumers, people are looking for an ‘organic’ experience in video game streaming and what it implies – the ability for anyone to gain a following when simply having recreational fun. This move towards a personal touch is what services like Facebook were initially famed for, and it’s arguable that consumers are looking to recapture it through video game streaming. Marketers should take note of this lateral move.

Social media is one of the most important vectors for digital marketing. Getting it right can make the difference between success and failure as it relates to your strategies. With the market fast moving and competitive and moving towards video game streaming, marketers should look backwards to older, trusted trends in order to get ahead.

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