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4 Best Marketing Books To Read If you’re A Marketing Student

Knowledge can be gained from various places such as experience by trying out different things and seeing what will actually work and what wouldn’t, constantly following what renowned experts have to say about the subject you’re interested in and of course, reading books and articles.

It’s no different when it comes to marketing knowledge.

It’s very important that you go through the most recommended marketing books to read if you want to expand your knowledge in the field and improve your chances of success especially if you’re a marketing student.

There are a lot of marketing books that are available to us online as well as a lot of free essays and articles that offer a lot of great information and various examples that can be applied in real-life marketing but going through all of them takes a lot of time and effort that can be spent more productively if you only know which ones offer the most value and take the least amount of time.

As a marketing student you’ll surely need to do homework for a lot of your classes and often you’ll need to provide book essay example as part of your homework and instead of searching for free essays on books online, having read some of the “must-read marketing books” we’re about to reveal in this article will definitely make your essay stick out in a positive way and earn you extra credit for the work you did.

Top Books College Students Should Read

1. Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy

An author that is often referred to as the father of advertising has shared his marketing secrets in this particular book which is full of tactics that propelled a bunch of brands to the top of the ladder in their respectful industries.

It doesn’t just offer tactics you can use in marketing but an overall behavior you should adopt that will help you climb the ladder in the marketing industry. This is definitely the first of the books you should dive in as the author is likely the one that shaped the marketing world we live in today.

2. Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

This book came in a close second on our list not because it’s worse than the Confessions of an Advertising Man but because it approaches marketing from a psychological point of view which isn’t a direct approach. In his book, Cialdini explains why people’s minds can be changed and go into detail on how to become a resourceful persuader. He backs up all of his claims with solid research data and a lot of examples which is extremely beneficial for a marketing student.

3. Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

This book revolves around strategic thinking and the spinning of events in order to turn them to work for your benefit. It would mostly benefit owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs but it’s definitely an excellent book to read if you’re a marketing student as it will give you a lot of ideas of quite easy and inexpensive strategies that can turn into big profits.

4.You, Inc. by Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford

The topics they cover in this book are all about how to present yourself in a way that is appealing for those that are looking to hire you and how to create a brand of yourself.

They share over 150 methods and ideas that you can use to improve your communication skills and even though the ideas and methods they explain seem quite simple to understand, they are pretty hard to execute when you put them into practice so when you’re reading this book, make sure to give yourself enough time to really understand everything they are writing about.


While there are a lot of worthwhile marketing books that are available to us these are the absolute favorite for us because they cover a wide range of topics and approaches to marketing and provide real-life examples where they can be applied which are highly advantageous for individuals who are still in their studies. These books are also an excellent resource for any of your assignments that involve writing essays on a marketing topic because they offer vast knowledge and insights that won’t require you to do extensive research to write an excellent paper on any topic that is related to marketing or marketing strategies. 

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