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Essential Things You Need To Know About A Job Agency

A Quick Preview of a Job agency

For decades, job agencies in Toronto have been offering graduates access to exclusive opportunities and employers. To effectively use a job agency, it is essential to register on their platform and start your journey of looking for a job in an easy and guaranteed way. If you have recently graduated and you are planning to enter the job market, you will come face to face with the reality of job search.

Identifying the job positions, writing resumes, sending job applications and getting ready for interviews can leave you exhausted and wanting to quit. The only motivation in a job search is getting the job. During the application process, trying to find the right vacancies that suit your job skill set and rejections can demoralize you.

However, registering to a job agency such as Team Global / MSM can help you get rid of these worries. They don’t need any money from you, they have excellent connections with the potential employers and can help you throughout the job application process. Ready to get started? Take a peek of these essential things.

1. Definition 

They act as a link between the employees and the employers and are also called employment agencies. To increase visibility, companies use these agencies to look for suitable candidates to fill their vacant positions. 

Depending on the type of job agency, it may go out and look for candidates or announce the job on their platforms for candidates to apply. The agency then filters the applications and present the employers with a shortlist. 

The employer may choose to interview the candidate or give the role to the job agency. Thus, subscribing to such agents’ newsletters can bring you closer to your job.

2. Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

  • They are field experts. Most agencies deal with areas they have expertise in. They understand their trends and what makes the field more marketable. When you use a job agency Toronto to look for a job, they are going to help you with ideas will make you break the ground.
  • They have an excellent network. Since they interact with many clients, agencies have relevant contacts that can help you land a job quickly. Once you share your resume with them, they forward it to many clients requiring your skillset. They also help you improve by providing you with reliable feedback when you get rejected.

3.Finding Graduate Recruitment Agencies

To know where you can find a recruitment body, you should put some factors into consideration. Such factors include your skills and which geographic location you want to work in.

If you are not limited to locations, you can start looking for big agencies, which normally operate nationally. From these agencies, you find different jobs across all levels. Look for ones that are relevant to you and apply.

You can narrow down to geographic agencies if you are specific about the area you want to work in. Also, consider agencies that specialize in your area for job precision.

4. How to Join a Recruitment Job Agency

You can join a job agency Toronto by sharing your resume and cover letter through their email, or by making a call to be guided on how to join.

In most cases, after sharing your credentials, recruitment agencies do some screening on you through interviews and skills tests. Once they are convinced about your competencies, they keep your information in their database for considerations when a matching position arises.

It is always advisable to engage your agency so that when you land a job or are no longer interested in the job hunt, they can stop contacting you.

5. Is it Advisable to Join Several Recruitment Agencies?

Yes. It boosts your chances of landing a job. However, make sure you join the agencies in moderation to avoid incidents of having many agencies representing to one employer. It makes you look unprofessional and create grounds for you to be disqualified. 

Make a follow up with your recruitment agencies to know when they have forwarded your name to potential employers. It helps you to keep track of which job agency Toronto is representing you where, and whether there are multiple representations somewhere.

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