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Instagram Strategy For Barbershop


Hair is a crucial component of our fashion statement. It reflects a fantabulous portrait of your appearance to the outer world. So fashion in the hair is very much trending nowadays, mostly in between young aged individuals. Following the swing, a lot of people used to visit the barbershop frequently. 

For that reason, a lot of salons are being introduced in the market, so a good marketing strategy is required to survive in this crowd, and there is no better medium than the social channel to reach a lot of persons altogether. Being a photography-based media, Instagram is the best option to introduce your business in the online domain.

But one should follow some strategies to do stunning marketing on Instagram. The fantastic strategies for barbershop Instagram marketing are:

  • Try to get a good number of followers

Followers are the main capital of an Instagram account. So initially, you have to obtain a standard number of followers. After that, you must engross in them socially to convert them into returning customers. You may mention them in your posts, or you may share some of their posts. It will create a good relationship with the adherents of the Insta account. After getting a stagnant follower base, the follower numbers will go up in no time.

  • Spread your hashtag

The hashtag is one of the major features of Instagram. It reflects the ongoing trends in the market. Instagram allows 30 numbers of hashtags in a target post. So applying hashtags of definite areas can spread your barbershop brand on social media. You must use the hashtags in all of your posts and also ask your customers to inscribe your hashtag in their post where they show a healthy hairstyle from you. Thus you can be popular in a very short time with the help of the hashtags.   

  • Make stories of your work

If you wish to acquire a good number of followers in a short duration, you have to highlight your talent for haircuts through posting some videos online. For this purpose, Insta stories are the ultimate solution. You can make small clips of your work and upload those as stories. You can take reviews from satisfied customers who will work as a perfect strategy for advertising. 

How to hide Instagram Stories

  • Upload your advertisement on Instagram

Instagram is a platform that accepts promotions of a brand. Initially, it will charge you a minimum amount to post your ads. It will show the ads to the customers with all its details. You have to make an advertisement carefully with all the necessary information so that it can attract enthusiastic individuals. You can create an ad like this, visit here to experience the best hairstyles for women over 40. Thus Instagram can earn you a good business if the marketing is being done flawlessly. 

  • Keep an eye on the analytics of posts

There is always a provision available to check the popularity of your Insta posts. The followers you gain every week, as well as the number of views on your stories, are portrayed on Insta. You can obtain the required information about your reach to people from the analysis done by Instagram.    

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