Tuesday, October 4

How to watch Polish TV in USA

Watching Polish TV in the USA is not as impossible as you can imagine. We know how to get access to the TV channels and film in Polish within 10 minutes. Ready to spend this time right now and get access to favorite shows today? It’s very simple.

  1. Go to our website https://polishtvcompany.com and register.
  2. the free trial access for 3 days.
  3. Enjoy watching TV and check all our available functionality on your own.
  4. After 3 days of free usage, take a look at our available service plans here https://polishtvcompany.com/buy-subscriptions/ and choose the most appropriate one.
  5. Buy the subscription or watch a few channels free of charge.

That’s it – 5 simple steps which make you closer to watching Polish TV at home. Quite an Interesting offer, isn’t it?

Also, apart from the service plan, you can choose how to watch favorite channels and shows. There are some possible options:

  • with the help of TV-box
  • In the media player
  • In the App for Samsung Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick
  • In the App for Android or iOS.

In case you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support agent and ask any questions regarding the service activation, plans, payments, etc.

We regularly launch interesting promotions for our clients. You can win a Premium subscription for 3 years or TV-Box for free. Follow our social media channels or emails.

We constantly improve our services and publish updates for our apps and general software. We also are opened to any offers from the customers. Let’s make the quality service together and enjoy HD Polish TV channels, shows, and movies unlimitedly together with friends and family.

Give your loved ones the pleasure of watching the best Polish TV and movies anywhere, anytime. Enrich family entertainment with news, sports, blockbusters, TV-series, cartoons, and many more in the Polish language.

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