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How to Execute a Successful ASO Strategy with ASO Mobile

ASO is an abbreviation of app store optimization, and if you’re familiar with SEO (Search engine optimization), ASO won’t feel very complicated.

Just like with search engines, app stores rank and present apps based on a number of different factors. And just as you actively work with SEO to get your website to rank well on search engines, you can do the same through ASO. Whilst there are many differences, there are also many similarities between SEO and ASO. Things like relevant and optimized keywords, useful images, and localized descriptions can help your app rank higher ultimately generate more downloads thanks to the increased exposure and visibility. The good news is that there are some great mobile analytics tools and platforms that help you automate the stages of your ASO app optimization and help you increase your app’s exposure. You can discover the top aso tools here.

How to create a successful ASO strategy for your app

The most important part of succeeding with your app is of course to create a great app that provides value and that people want to use. But if you’re past that stage and have a kick-ass app, it’s not enough to publish it on app stores and then wait for the downloads and success to come. Even amazing apps need to be promoted properly in order to get traction and get discovered.

One of the most important aspects that should not be neglected is ASO, but there are also many more things you need to work with to make your app successful.

ASO Mobile offers is a mobile analytics platform that has a great width of tools to help make your app a success. This does not only relate to app store optimization but also a number of additional tools and features such as marketing and consulting solutions for the successful development of your mobile apps business.

There are a plethora of useful functions, but the most important to mention are:

  • Selection and analysis of search queries
  • Creation of metadata for applications
  • Forecast of traffic by keywords
  • Indexed keywords for any application
  • Assessment of the ASO level of application optimization
  • Positions of the application by keywords in the search results
  • Revenue and downloads of any application
  • Rating of apps in categories with a history of changes
  • Keywords by which competitors are advertised in Apple Search Ads
  • Comparison of Google Play and App Store
  • Analysis of category indicators
  • Similar apps
  • Store Benchmarks
  • Getting into trend keywords
  • Keyword monitoring of In-App purchases
  • List of all search queries by which In-App purchases are indexed

The creating of a successful app includes several steps and each one of them is equally important. Make sure you create a checklist of these steps before you get going so you establish a recipe for success:

  • Development of concept and idea (What will your app do and what issues is it solving?)
  • How will you create the app, who will develop it, and how should it function and look?
  • Development of a launch strategy, pre-release, beta versions, and planning for the official release
  • Making your app available at the various places where apps are found and making sure you have what you need to get it featured
  • Executing on your ASO strategy and continuing to work to increase visibility and rankings
  • Other marketing and promotional campaigns outside of ASO to increase awareness.

With an analytics platform like ASO mobile, you have access to a large number of tools that can help you through every step of the way, and whether you’re looking for the best game engine for mobile games or keywords by which competitors are advertised in Apple Search Ads.

Asomobile and other analytics platforms and tools can really help you streamline your strategy, perhaps most importantly thanks to the access of valuable data and analytics. With any marketing and promotion activities, you should not underestimate the importance of data and analytics because this will give you a road map and insight into what people are looking for, how your competitors are performing, and much more. With this in mind, you’re making your activities and strategies based on facts and reality rather than guessing. The result is of course much greater results.

The importance of keywords

If you’re familiar with SEO, you know the importance of keywords. The same of course goes for ASO. Doing proper research about the keywords that are relevant to your app will allow you to optimize it to be shown to the people that are the most relevant to you. Asomobile has multiple keyword tools that will help you throughout this process, from finding keywords that your competitors are using, prioritizing search queries, composing effective metadata, tracking competitors, and much more. Your keyword strategy (which is a part of your ASO strategy) should not be neglected.

Additional features to succeed with your app

Another aspect that is important to highlight when it comes to succeeding with your app that asomobile can help you with is the tracking of data and analytics. To succeed with your app you need to be able to track your data and performance for a number of reasons. Not to mention in order to be able to tweak and improve your strategy based on your results.

asomobile has several analytics tools that you can use, including:

  • Keyword Monitor
  • Keyword Report
  • Daily Ranking
  • Rank History
  • Downloads
  • App Revenue
  • Search Ads Spy
  • In-App Keywords
  • In-App Monitor

It’s important to continuously follow and evaluate the performance of your app and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

With analytics tools, you will not only be able to get data about your own app’s performance, but also information about things like trending searches, which can be relevant both when developing your appl, but also to get a better understanding of what people are searching for and care about. After all, creating a successful app is about solving people’s issues and serving their needs and wants.

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