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How to Choose A Secure App to Fax Online

Are not the faxes a 1980s thing? Who sends the fax in 2020? Well, there are many small companies and large businesses that prefer fax when it comes to sharing sensitive information and documents. With the invention of modern technology, traditional faxing has been replaced by online fax. 

You can send or receive the fax says just like in email by using any e web service. Certain services allow you to send a Fax for free e if you are sending a document that contains a small number of pages.

CocoFax: A secure app to FAX online

Among thousands of services available online, CocoFax allows you to send or receive multiple faxes online. It is a reliable brand used by millions of professionals around the world.

Due to its exceptional features, it is used in 190 plus countries worldwide. You can fax from the computer with CocoFax in just a few clicks. It is fast, reliable, secure, end to end encrypted, and an affordable option for everyone out there in search of a secure app to send or receive the fax online.

For its extraordinary services, CocoFax has been featured by Forbes, TechAdvisor, and business influencers for a number of times.

Here is how you can use CocoFax to send a fax from your computer?

Google Fax Free is one of the most popular ways to send or receive the documents true fax-in 2020 and for many coming years. It allows you to get documents like in email, and due to its user-friendly interface, many organizations, including government institutes as well as private businesses, prefer using it.

  1. To send the fax from your computer, the very first step is to go to the official website of CocoFax and sign up for a free account. Once you sign up, you can use the services for free e for a month on its 30-day free trial. Once this trial period is over, you need to buy a subscription plan.
  2. While signing up, choose a free fax number, provide your personal details like email address where you will receive the notifications.
  3. Once you have gone through the process, the CocoFax dashboard will open in the window. This is where you can read, send, and save the fax documents. In the dashboard, you can track all of your activity comprising both new and old faxes.
  4. To send a new fax from your computer through CocoFax, click on the “new fax.” Once you click on it, a page will appear at the fax number of the receiver in the “to” section.
  5. In the subject, write a keyword for at the top of your document. On the cover page, write the details about the documents. Note that this section is optional; you can leave it empty if you do not have something important to write in it.

6.Now attach the documents. CocoFax supports pdf, Doc, MS Word, PNG, and Xls. What makes it more amazing is that you can attach as many documents as you want in a single fax.

7.After you have composed your fax and attach all the documents, click on the “send” button to send it. If you do not want to send a Fax at the moment, you can save it as a draft for later use.

8.As soon as the receiver receives the fax, you will be notified through an email which you used while registering. 

What to look for while choosing an app to send a fax online?

If you are new to send or receive faxes online, here are a few features you should look for;

  1. It should be compatible with all the systems, for example, laptops, pc, mobile phones, Mac books, etc.
  2. It should allow you to send or receive faxes on your email anytime, anywhere.
  3. The application should provide you with a safe, secure, and encrypted environment where you can share your documents.
  4. The application must have a user-friendly interface where you can send the faxes in just a few clicks.
  5. Moreover, it should allow you to save your documents for later use.


All these features are present in CocoFax Free, which makes it a perfect application to send or receive the documents through fax online. So you can count on it next time when you think of faxing the documents online.

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