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How are most personal injuries caused in Eugene, OR?

Personal injury is a terrible thing to have to deal with alone. With the help of a great lawyer, you can get the settlement you deserve and can start on the road to true healing and getting better. So, what causes most personal injury cases? Keep reading to find out and don’t wait too long to call an attorney. 

What is a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury is any injury that occurs to a person and their body. This does not mean property damage, but rather any damage that occurs to the person. This can be a huge range of things from injuries associated with a car accident, to injuries sustained in an accident in a store or other facility. Personal injury cases are notoriously hard to fight and can be hard to prove as well without the help of a great attorney and a great legal team. 

What Causes Most Personal Injuries in Eugene, OR?

There are a range of events and circumstances that can lead to a personal injury and a personal injury case. There are a few that are more common than others and that do tend to be the most common. The first, are slip and falls of accidents in stores and other public locations. These can be things like slipping on water and falling and hurting yourself, something falling off a shelf and hitting you, or just being injured on the premises of a public place like a store. 

These are often the most common claim across the board for many states and can be hard to prove. In most cases, stores and other public facilities are going to work to try and settle out of court so that you do not have to go to court and so that they do not have to go to court as well. 

Another common cause of personal injury are car accidents. Car accident personal injury cases are very common as many people tend to sue for coverage for their injuries following a car accident. In these cases your attorney is going to need to prove that the accident was not your fault and that you are not responsible for what happened. Your attorney will be able to fight for money to help cover your deductible on your car insurance, your medical bills, and even perhaps your pain and suffering and any time that you have to take off of work while you recover. 

Still another common personal injury claim that is filed is personal injury that has to do with medical malpractice and injury that occurs at a doctor’s office. These cases are, again, hard to prove and hard to argue. With the help of a great team, however, you can determine what sort of claim is going to be most beneficial for you and what type of claim is going to work best for your particular case and your particular claim. 

What Can You Get in A Personal Injury Case?

There are some common personal injury damages that you and your team can seek. The first are your medical bills. You can seek the payment of your medical bills that have to do with the accident in full. You can also seek for money to pay for ongoing medical bills that are associated with the accident and what you went through. This can be things like in home care if you cannot care for yourself, physical therapy costs, and more depending on what the extent of the injury is and what it is going to take to get you back to feeling good and being able to do the things you could do before the accident. 

You can also seek damages for time off of work and lost wages. Say that you were injured badly enough that you were not able to work for a time, you can seek damages to help cover those costs that you incurred when you were unable to work so that you can start focusing on getting better rather than focusing on feeling bad and worrying about how you are going to pay your bills while you are off work.

You can also seek damages for pain and suffering and any emotional distress that the accident and the subsequent recovery process has caused for you. These damages are going to be determined based on the extent of the injury and the recovery process as well. 

The overall settlement that you get is going to be based on a few different factors that your team can better explain as you seek your settlement, and you seek the money that you need to pay down your bills and to focus on getting better. Recovery after an accident is difficult, having a great legal team on your side is going to help you stop worrying so much and is going to give you the opportunity to relax and get better rather than worrying about where your next paycheck is going to come from. 

Taking the time to find the right legal team can make all the difference. The right team is going to fight for you, they are going to work to prove negligence so that you can get the settlement you need to do better and to really have that security that you need to focus on getting better rather than sitting around worrying.

Personal injury cases are hard, recovery after a personal injury can be so difficult, and it can make it hard to focus on what matters. With the help of a great team, you can get better, and you can come out on top. A great legal team is half the battle and can make arguing your case much easier. 

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