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Hosting QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Hosting? Here’s What You Need to Know

Business owners often struggle in managing their finances and QuickBooks hosting might be the best solution for resolving their problems. There are over 6 million QuickBooks users in the US alone. QuickBooks pro hosting services provide an efficient method for securing a company’s monetary operations.

Additionally, for a more comprehensive financial management approach, businesses can integrate QuickBooks hosting with cloud-based ERP solutions. This combination offers a robust environment for handling accounting processes and enhances overall productivity.

Features Of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks hosting works seamlessly in single and multi-user environments. The installations of custom applications and external integrations make hosting services adaptable to unique customer needs. For instance, export QuickBooks data to a spreadsheet to get better insights on raw data.

Below are the features that you can expect from hosting services.

Multiple user access

With QuickBooks hosting, several users can access the software application simultaneously. Different stakeholders like CPAs, owners, and other employees can view, collaborate, and work on company files in real-time.

Guaranteed SLA Agreements

Subscribers have the flexibility of opting for an appropriate plan for their requirements. This is a part of service agreements that also guarantee response time and other factors. For example, you might opt for a month-to-month plan or an annual contract. Some hosting vendors may even offer no-risk plans with a money-back clause.

High Availability Servers

Reliable hosting service providers host QuickBooks on dedicated servers for ensuring that there is enhanced performance and reliability. Additionally, this configuration ensures that there is redundancy for better data security.

No Data Storage Limit

The storage requirements of an organization grow as the team size increases and the business scales operations. Hosting services provide liberal storage spaces to support the increasing quantities of data. All versions including QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are supported by hosting service providers.

Multi-Edition Support

QuickBooks hosting supports different QuickBooks Desktop editions. From QuickBooks 2014 Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise 20.0, every edition, and every version of QuickBooks is supported by hosting services.

Multiple QuickBooks File Access

Businesses can open several QuickBooks company files using a single log-on. The entire process occurs within the hosted desktop account.

Hardware Factors

With several users preferring to use QuickBooks for conducting business on-the-run, QuickBooks hosting makes it possible to access the software via all web browsers on any device including PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Androids.

Other Notable Features

With hosted QuickBooks, it is possible to export data to Word, Excel, or PDF formats for analysis at a later stage. The built-in system designed for allowing users to print and scan documents into different accounts using TWAIN based scanner.

How To Access QuickBooks Hosting In 2020

You can subscribe to a QuickBooks hosting plan from an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider like Apps4Rent. Do not forget to enquire about Azure Virtual Desktop Pricing for the best deals. 24/7 support is available via phone, chat, and email.

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