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Logo Evolution of Famous Brands (Infographic)

In his book on the history of Nike, Phil Knight mentions that the first company’s logo was created overnight and cost only $35. Despite many thought it to be too simplistic, the logo became wildly successful with Nike’s audience.

For many businesses creating a memorable logo is a struggle, for others – a happy accident. There’s an opinion that the popularity of a logo directly depends on the associations people assign to it. In other words, the more people find a mental shortcut for a logo, the more successful it is. But what if you suddenly change it?

Throughout history, every brand you can think of has been changing its logo. Some did it for the rebranding purposes, the others – to keep pace with changing trends. From Apple to McDonald’s, it’s a never-ending logo evolution.

We’ve collected the top 18 logo transformations, each of which has a story behind it. Can you spot any similarities between the changes? How do color trends impact logo design? How do these companies modify their messaging and values through logos?

It’s very interesting to see how big of an importance a logo has and why it is so important how it is designed.

We hope the following infographic makes good food for thought.

infographic Spotify vs Apple Music battle –
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