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Enjoy Desert Safari With Camel Ride In Dubai 2021

Dubai has a unique topography and its landscapes are mostly formed of sand deserts along with gravel-filled desserts. Most of these mesmerizing views are located in the southern region of the United Arab Emirates. The sand of the Dubai desert is clean and one of the most visited tourist attractions. It consists of crushed shells and coral.  Dubai desert safari is a thrilling and exciting experience in the sandy desert. To explore Dubai deserts in a luxury SUV, contact any reliable
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Dubai can be better known and popular for its jaw-dropping skylines and fascinating attractions but its golden desserts remain as memorable as ever. Everyone who is visiting the United Arab Emirates should visit its incredible desserts. You can make amazing memories and have fun with your mates. You have a lot of things, memories, and pictures you can share with your friends and family when you come back as it is the best place for photography too.

You can enjoy a Safari tour in the Dubai desert. It is up to you to drive over dunes or participate in a variety of traditional desert activities such as sandboarding, trying shisha, camel riding, henna tattoos, authentic cuisine, and many other local entertainments. In the desert, some of the places are suitable for camping but your experience matters. It would not be recommended without being accompanied by a responsible and acknowledged guide. However, several overnight camping safaris are available there.

Here we give you some information about what you can do while you visit the Dubai desert and how you can enjoy your Desert Safari.

Tour Highlights:

 Your tour starts in the afternoon across the Dubai desert with many stops for photography. During an inspiring dune drive in the sand ocean, you arrive at the first destination for a view of a beautiful sunset. Stop there to watch the sunset and then continue with dune bashing to finally reach our campsite. Here you have an opportunity to do a lot of activities like sandboarding, camel ride, or females can also try out a henna design on their hands or feet. You can enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner along with shisha, the famous Arabic water pipe. You can also have a fire show and Tanura show performance around your campfire by starlight. 

The average summer temperature of Dubai is 41 degrees and it often gets hotter than it. Temperatures are more comfortable from December to March, but then you have to contend with irregular spurts of rain. 

Things you have to do during Dubai desert visit:

Wildlife Experience:

During your tour in the Dubai desert, you will see a lot of wildlife there. Wildcats, monitor lizards, deer, gazelles, and mountain goats are the famous animals of this desert. This Dubai desert can match any meadow for wildlife sightings. You can also try a falconry experience for the ultimate in the animal’s close-up. 

Camel Riding:

Camel riding in the desert is one of the most important things you have to do while you’re visiting the Dubai desert. These rides make for a great hands-on Dubai Desert Tour. Desert safaris offer you a short ride but you can go for a tour with extended riding time and have fun with family and friends.

Delicious Food:

Budget safaris are also available in which meals are included. But at this amazing place, you have to spend a little more if you can. You will get their local cuisine, authentic hospitality that makes you feel like a VIP. You can enjoy late-night barbeque, Arabic coffee, buffet dinner, Hubble bubble (shisha), and tea coffee there.

Sunset Photography:

Dubai desert is one of the best places for watching the sunset view. You can see the dunes are converting into golden ocean particles and create an amazing view. When you are exploring the desert on Safari, stop for some time to watch this incredible view and click the photographs along with it. 

Extreme Thrills:

People who like thrills can do many activities there. Thrill-seekers are ruined for choice with the quad biking, sand skiing, dune bashing, and dune buggy rides offered on several safari tours. Note that all these activities are not for faint-hearted people. 

Best Time to Visit:

Due to the extremely hot weather of Dubai, the best way to discover the Dubai desert is at night. The tour of evening hours will offer you breathtaking beauty and a unique and incredible experience. Visiting it at night is more recommended because the desert cools at night and you can enjoy it a lot. 

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No doubt, the Dubai desert is an amazing place to visit and discover new things like wildlife. It stands on the list of highly recommended places in Dubai and it will be worth each penny spent on it. 

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