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Did you Know Data is Not Immune to Decay?

Did you know Data is Not Immune to Decay?

The Information Age is flooded with technological inventions that were once beyond the imagination of anyone. Today, these technological inventions literally hold us amidst its palms. One of the biggest pieces of evidence to prove this, is the large amount of data available on the internet, especially since the rise of cloud computing.

Data is a collection of information that is preserved by every electronic device for various reasons. Sometimes, even if we delete the data for our preferences, it is not exactly gone. Backups, recovery and other techniques can be used to revive the lost data. Thus, it is fair to say that data is immortal.

The dark side of deleting data

Deleting any data can turn out to do more harm than good. The dark side of deleting data has several cons that can either damage our reputation, decay the brand or simply make us lose the track of important documents without which something stops functioning just as they are. Thus, deleting a data definitely comes with a cost.

Most of us who have deleted important files, pictures, and other essential documents are clearly acquainted with this cost the loss demands. In many grave circumstances, it may even result in unemployment for many people. This is the reason why so many of us use backup tools to prevent ourselves from such a crisis. A data recovery app may also come to rescue during such hard times.

The truth about immortality

So many of us assume that if data is immortal, it can certainly be secured by a reliable backup option. While these options may help you recover your lost data, that doesn’t mean they are safe enough for use. Most of the data that is recovered is mostly duplicated and these might come in lots of copies at a cheaper price.

Since data is incapable of checking its own errors and problems, with time, it might lose its usefulness. In fact, stats suggest that the rate of decay of data is about 2 percent per month. At first glance, the figure might appear small. But, let me tell you, it can expire a quarter of your contacts within a year!

Triumph over the evil

We all have multiple gigabytes of data that we think are highly secure to access. However, the reality is quite different. Most old data that has been long preserved is either out-of-date, corrupted or unsafe for use.

So how do we use clean data? Does it occur by accident? Well, No. Clean data manages to penetrate if only we invest the time in it. This can be done by:

1. Duplicating records, it will ensure that you are not archiving more than one copy of the same data.

2. Regular record checks against other databases that have been cleaned earlier.

3. Making sure that the previous data is purged and that it does not sustain permanently.

Clean data from a dirty database

Since most people do not have proper knowledge regarding how to obtain clean data from a dirty database, here’s a guide.

Basically, there are three methods to do it.

1.Data quality software can help in checking for mistakes and matches. These include strict algorithms that can help eradicate duplicates with a thorough analysis of the database.

2. The entire database can be cleaned to a third party while data purification is outsourced to a data bureau.

3.  A few staff are employed to contact every person from the database and examine their records.

How can you keep the data surviving?

In the last few years, a number of inventions have been made to take care of this task. A small memory card can be used to store hundreds of interesting data of your preference. Archives have also come to rescue with the responsibility of ensuring that the data is preserved and kept aloof for safety. There is a list of tools available on the internet each with its own list of pros and cons. Stillio is one of the most credible and automated software that preserves your website screenshots and avail them in times of need.

You can also consider purchasing data from third parties, in case nothing works out. Thus, your important data can now survive without any insecurity and corruption. Make sure you apply the tactics!

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